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Bulldog Brief

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Nissi S., Video Editing

Meet Nissi Sanico

Though it may not look like it, I am an 8th grade student. I love listening to music and playing video games. And I've always been interested in creating videos. My friends call me a perfectionist most of the time, so I'll just put that here for goodness sake.


Why did I join journalism?

When I was around 6-7, one of the only things that would entertain me was YouTube. I started wanting to become a video editor. Creating videos was something that I've always wanted to do. I started by watching tutorials, just the basics of video editing. Then, when I had the confidence, I posted on YouTube. I then quit later on because I wanted to make videos for myself, so I can be entertained, without anyone knowing it. I've kept this up for 2 years now, making videos so I wouldn't be bored. It was something that stopped the days blurring together. Instead of it being the same repeating schedule, I get something to do every now and then. I have also realized last year that some people would talk to their friends during the announcements. I knew that the people making the videos kind of poured their blood, sweat, and tears into it, so I kind of got offended by that. Every single time that happened, I thought to myself "what if I joined journalism?" Ever since, I practiced making better videos. Better quality, less cringe. I never really told anyone about this, except for some of my friends, Brianna and Mika. They suggested I join journalism because they've heard about a video editing position. Obviously, since it's been my dream to edit videos when I was 7, I joined.


What I'm looking forward to in journalism

I am looking forward to working with students and video editing.


Something about me

I love video games. I play them in my free time. I'm also introverted in many environments, but I can be extroverted depending on who I am with. My favorite type of video games are horror games. Such as Phasmophobia, Burgers and Frights, etc. I'm not a fan of sports, but if I were to play a sport, it would be badminton. Chocolate is god tier, let me tell you. I absolutely DESPISE grape flavored anything.

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Nissi S.