End of year activities – FAQs!

Read below for FAQs and information. Is your question not answered? This articles is a work in progress. Leave a comment and we will add the answer!

8th grade dance

Can 7th graders attend?

No. Next year you’ll be an 8th grader :).

Can I bring friends from other schools?

No, that is a safety issue.

How much does it cost?


When is it?

Thursday, 6/22 from 4:30-6:30


Can we still buy a yearbook?

Yes, on Campus Day after 1st period.

When will we get our yearbooks?

During 1st period on Friday, 6/23 – the morning of Campus Day.

What if I won’t be there on Campus Day or the last day of school?

Your yearbook will be available in the office for pick-up.

Campus Day

Q: When is Campus Day?

In the afternoon on Friday, 6/23

7th Grade Actitivies

Q: Will there be popcorn?

No, students will be too busy in activities or the 8th grade ceremony

Q:Do we have to bring our backpack?

No, in fact, you probably shouldn’t. That is just more to keep track of.

Q: Can I change the activity I signed up for?

No. Mrs. Morales has had to organized almost 700 students into 7th grade activities or 8th grade ceremony. Her brain cannot compute changes :).

8th Grade Ceremony

Q:Is the assembly optional?

There isn’t an all school assembly. If you are an 8th grader and are at school, you are required to be in the ceremony.

Q: Do we have to shake Mr. Morrison’s hand? 

You can shake his hand, give him a fist bump, or nod your head. It is polite to acknowledge each other in some way. Please do not “joke” during this…this is a formal ceremony that will be live streaming. You will risk being able to hang out with your friends if you aren’t able to adhere to that.

Q: Do we have to dress up?

No, but you might want to!

Q: Where will we sit?

You will mostly be sitting with your first period class (or combination of a couple first period classes) in alphabetical order. This is important because it the ceremony video will follow that order.

Q: What will it be like?

You will start the day in Advisory where you will watch a video of expectations. (update soon)