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Finals in Track

June 3, 2022

Wednesday night signaled the last day of track season with championships at Shoreline stadium. 15 middle schools sent their best to the competition and BTMS sent 35 student-athletes to compete in...

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Russia Invades Ukraine! (Daily Updates)

Jonas Hargrave, Website Manager ¦ June 1, 2022

On February 22, 2022, Russia launched a large scale invasion into Ukraine. This was met with resistance from Ukraine and most other countries in the world. The U.S. is staying out of the conflict militarily...

Apprehended : The Untold Story of What Happened After the Story Closed – Allyson Roseburg

June 1, 2022

Blurb  Everybody thinks they know the story of Cinderella.  The glass slipper, the prince, the evil step-mother and step-sisters.  But that's no nowhere close to the whole story.  The truth...

I Hate The Month May.

June 1, 2022

I Hate The Month May . By: J.Keopraseurt    Even if I tried forgetting, the May sun reminds me of you, And what meant everything to me is another month to you, Soon it will be June.   I...

Staff Feature Ms. Ramos

Staff Feature Ms. Ramos

Astrid Knowlton, Photographer ¦ June 1, 2022

Back again with another Teacher Feature! Our guest today is Ms. Leanna Ramos! Continue reading to learn more about Ms. Ramos. ↓ How long have you been teaching or working in the school system?  14...

Art Credit: Katie Becker

Fear vs. Phobia

Sicily Weitz she/her ¦ June 1, 2022

Introduction Many people think fear and phobia are synonyms, they think that those two words are interchangeable and mean the same thing. Well, you may be surprised to find out that they are actually...

Left-Leclerc Midle-Verstappenn Right-Sainz

Miami GP

Lorelai Baumann, Lina Steinhagen, Writer, Photographer, EiC ¦ May 31, 2022

 The Miami GP is a newly added track in the F1 sport. It is the first race in the US this year the other being in Texas known as the United States GP. Miami’s hot temperatures put high stress on the...

Art by Madi Preuss

HunterxHunter, Anime Review!

Rayah Lockwood., Writer ¦ May 24, 2022

                                 HunterxHunter, Anime Review! Anime is a hand-drawn and animated series originating from Japan. Anime isn’t new, nor unheard of, as many people around...

Picture of Dylan Hughes

Local Boy Wins Round 3 of Formula Drift!

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ May 24, 2022

Formula Drift star Dylan Hughes wins the 3rd round of Formula Drift Pro. Dylan Hughes is from Snoqualmie. He has been drifting for many years now and is sponsored by Royal Purple: Synthetic Oil. He fought...

Staff Feature Ms. Hudson

Staff Feature Ms. Hudson

Emma Strine, Staff Writer ¦ May 24, 2022

Ms. Hudson is an 8th grade Social Studies and English teacher at BTMS. She was a paraeducator here before she went back to school to get her teaching degree. Learn a little more about Ms. Hudson!   How...

Picture of hole in the side of Alonso s car.

5 Red Flags; 5 Crashes!

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ May 24, 2022

I normally don’t talk about qualifying but this week's qualifying was very interesting. We also had a sprint race this week. Sprint races are mini races that take place the Saturday before the race....

BTMS Track Prelims

Soren Ramerman, Communications ¦ May 23, 2022

      Yesterday over 100 students traveled to Edmonds stadium for the Preliminary track meet along with 7 other middle schools. With so many amazing competitors there we had...

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