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Bulldog Brief

Bulldog Brief

I got this from https://www.photosforclass.com/search/olympics

What Did the Olympics Look Like Amid the Surge of Omicron?

Hasset Kassa, Writer ¦ March 8, 2022

The protocols for this Winter Olympics were different from the pre-covid games. Competitors had to arrive twenty-one days before the games to quarantine and went through rigorous procedures to be qualified...

Credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/winter-road-snow-sunrise-view-2771736/

‘Safety always comes first’: Why Heated Roads Are a Better Alternative to Other Snow-Melting Techniques

January 27, 2022

When it comes to snow, clearing the slippery substance quickly and effectively can be tricky, but heated roads are the way to go. City officials should install a snow-melting system on roads and sidewalks...

The Origins of Halloween

The Origins of Halloween

Madilynn Preuss and Hasset Kassa ¦ October 26, 2021

Halloween, the holiday we all love due to the massive amount of candy we can consume, is right around the corner! But how did it start?   Halloween has been around since the ninth century and...

Should Dress Codes be Required?

Hasset Kassa, Writer ¦ October 8, 2021

Does a dress code minimize distractions in class or prohibit students from expressing themselves? This question has long been a topic of debate. Some say that a dress code should apply to all schools...

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