‘Safety always comes first’: Why Heated Roads Are a Better Alternative to Other Snow-Melting Techniques

Icy roads are a common problem in the winter, but the best way to thaw the ice is by installing heated roads in public streets.



Credit: https://pixabay.com/photos/winter-road-snow-sunrise-view-2771736/

When it comes to snow, clearing the slippery substance quickly and effectively can be tricky, but heated roads are the way to go.

City officials should install a snow-melting system on roads and sidewalks in the winter instead of using other methods. Heated roads are so much more efficient and will get rid of snow much quicker than shoveling; which can cause back pain and other maladies. Salt is also a bad idea for roads. Although it does dissolve ice, salt, and other snow-melting chemicals can be harmful to the ecosystem, damage vehicles, and hurt animals when lodged into their paws. Heated roads make roads safer efficiently and effectively, and are eco-friendly! They melt snow and ice safely and quickly and are underground, so they won’t be damaging things on the surface; whether it be animals or automobiles.

This method is the best overall option for roads. It’s labor-free AND speedy. What’s not to love? Although heated roads/sidewalks are costly, city officials can organize a fundraiser, and citizens can work together to make roads safer in the winter. In the words of Sanvi, “Safety always comes first!”


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