Bulldog Brief

Bulldog Brief

Bulldog Brief

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 Best and Worst Characters in Gilmore Girls!

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ December 13, 2021

Best and Worst Characters in Gilmore Girls!   Throughout all the seasons of Gilmore Girls there have been some interesting characters, some of them are great and some are terrible. This is my...

Creator:Xavi Bonilla 
Credit:Getty Images

Why Lewis Hamilton Is the Best F1 Driver

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ November 16, 2021

F1 has been around for a very long time having lots of racers, but none of them have been as great as Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is, in fact, not related to Alexander Hamilton. For a while, I have...

Photo By Larry Chen *Math Field (left), Fredrick Aasbo (center), Aurimas (Oddy) Bakchis (right)

Formula Drift

Lorelai Baumann, Technology ¦ November 8, 2021

You may have heard of the idea of “drifting” through the years as the car community has grown. Maybe you have watched car YouTubers like Adam LZ or Donut Media. You might have heard of our local boys...

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