Best and Worst Characters in Gilmore Girls!

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Best and Worst Characters in Gilmore Girls!


Throughout all the seasons of Gilmore Girls there have been some interesting characters, some of them are great and some are terrible. This is my opinion on who the worst characters are, and who the best characters are.


Worst Characters:


Dean Forester – Dean is by far the worst character in Gilmore Girls. He is rude and cheated on his wife. 


April Nardini – April is the daughter of Luke Danes and Anna Nardini. April was introduced in season 6, this was about the time that the show got new writers. I have nothing against April, it’s just that I think she is a useless character that was thrown in what should have been the final season of the show that spiced up Lukes life and ruined his relationship with Lorelai.


Jason – Jason dated Lorelai, she broke up with him when Jason decided to sue Richard. Jason was another person who was just a useless character and had no reason to be in the show.


Alex – For the Gilmore Girls fans that are currently asking themselves, who is Alex, that is exactly my point. Alex was a friend of Sookie’s friend who was going to have a coffee shop. Alex dated Lorelai for a while and then just disappeared. This is another person who just didn’t need to be in the show.


Chris – He’s so bad and mean to Lorelai, he’s also very rude to Rory. He left Rory’s life when she was young.


Best Characters:


Tied at 5th place are Micheal Gerard and Paris Geller. Paris and Micheal are just two of the funniest people in the show. They make the best jokes and make the show hilarious when they are on screen.


Emily Gilmore – Emily is a very misunderstood character who, deep down, is very sweet. She continued to change throughout all of the seasons and is extremely great.


Kirk Gleason – Kirk was so good and a comedic relief during the show.


Logan Huntzerburger – He is one of the best and most easily lovable characters. Rory broke his heart when she did not marry him. He loved Rory a lot. It was so sad that Rory broke it off with him. He pushed Rory to her max potential.


Jess Marino – Jess is the best character in the whole series. He got Rory back on track after she dropped out of Yale. He also encouraged her to write her book and was just a great help in general to her.