The Basics of Bullying



Trigger warning: suicide and mention of death

                            Basics on Bullying

Bullying is a big issue and sometimes people just overlook it. There are many ways people can bully someone and the effects could vary from someone not really caring to suicide. There is cyber bullying, physical bullying, and verbal bullying. These are all very offensive and anyone from family to even friends can bully you. It might not be as obvious at first but this article may help you notice bullying.

People bully others for a large variety of reasons. Sometimes they just have prejudice against you because of how you look, your gender, or sexuality. Sometimes the bullying can seem subtle like just small mean comments about you that hurt your feelings from a certain someone. It may seem small but it’s still bullying and should not have to be tolerated. Slurs can be included in bullying which makes it way worse because many slurs have a long line of history behind them and that’s just hitting them personally from a higher advantage point. 

Some people think that bullying is harmless and sometimes they don’t even believe they’re bullying someone. But bullying really is serious and can lead to suicide. People might bully others because that’s the only way they can let their anger out but it isn’t the right thing to do. If you do need to let your anger out do something healthier like talking to someone. It could be professional or not but it’s always better than hurting someone else. Another reason people may bully is because they have internalized hate. Someone might bully another person for being gay or bisexual etc. because they’ve grown up like that. Which is a pretty sad reason for why people bully, especially when they wanna apologize sincerely because they knew they did something wrong and other people don’t believe them.

Apologizing to someone for bullying them is quite easy. All you have to do is apologize and stop the action you’re doing. An apology is not enough, you really have to show you’re sorry by stopping. No one has to accept an apology so if someone doesn’t then you do not have the right to get mad at them you should just accept it and like I said stop bullying them. 

Cyber bullying is another form of bullying that is used a lot and is very easy to do, but it’s also very easy to be caught doing because you could just screenshot it. People online are anonymous most of the time though so it can be a bit difficult to track them down exactly. Showing someone your screenshot like the school if it’s that serious can be a good idea rather than posting it online sometimes so many people don’t target them. Bullying is serious but you shouldn’t escalate it too much if possible and you don’t wanna hurt them back in most cases. Cyber bullying can be a criticizing comment on every post and can escalate to death threats. 

 Physical bullying is bullying that is pretty much as it’s said; physical. Physical bullying could occur when someone may push you everyday or fight you quite frequently. It is always good to speak up about bullying but physical bullying is one of the worse ones because it can affect you with horrible causes with real physical damage. And not speaking up about this can lead to worse and worse consequences having to do with your health. 

 Like I said, speaking up about bullying is really important even when you see it happen. I know it might feel scary to tell someone in fear of your own safety and being a “snitch” but you can help yourself or others in many ways. Bullying sometimes does lead to suicide and suicide is a serious topic. If you bullied someone before I hope you now know to not bully because of this.