Hallway lockers: the pros and cons

Weirded out about not using lockers like you thought you eventually would use? While it’s interesting that we don’t use them, what’s the reason for not using them in the first place? Well, here are a few pros and cons of using them.

The pros to using a locker

Using a locker would make it easier for students to carry their backpacks, since they would put their stuff into the locker and grab what they would need for each class period (obviously). Using them would also make it easier on students with heavy backpacks, so they wouldn’t have to worry about their backs hurting from everything in their backpacks that they´re carrying. 

Cons to using a locker

Students could forget their locker code which could also make them late to class which would be a problem. 5 minutes may not be enough time for some kids to get their stuff and go to their next class. Students might forget where their locker is. Many students could forget or just not know what they need for their next class, but they could also put something that they needed for their next class into their locker.

Interviewers responses

“I really dont think lockers are a good idea, 5 minutes isn’t enough time at all and I do not want to be late to my classes because of a locker.”

— Anon Student

“I feel great because like sometimes lockers can be hard to open but also kinda sad because we have to carry around all our stuff with us.”

— Adrianna