Scary Movies To Watch


                                                         (There may be spoilers?)

Art made by Madi Preuss

Scream – The Scream movies are one of my favorites. I like the first one the best and the 5th one was also pretty good.

Coraline – This isn’t really a scary movie but I LOVE Coraline! It’s a great movie about a girl who finds this button world with her other mother and other father and something interesting is that they made the whole movie in stop motion.

It – The movie It is so good! They were kinda creepy when I watched them at first when I was younger, but now I love this movie.

Fear Street – A year or two ago over the Summer, Netflix added this movie series called Fear Street. There were three movies that were released and the movies are kinda leading up to the third movie but they were sometimes scary in my opinion.

Annabelle – These are multiple movies about a doll that kinda haunts anyone that owns it but these movies are also a part of the Conjuring movies and something else, so it was kinda confusing for me to watch them all but it’s a pretty good movie series.

These aren’t all of my favorite movies, but just a few I like or thought were popular.