The Bermuda Triangle: Myth or Mystery?


Between Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, is a place in the Atlantic Ocean wrapped in mystery and legend. It is a place where many planes or ships that have gone in, have never come out. It is where, many believe,  something monstrous lives. 

I’m talking about the Bermuda Triangle, of course. If you ask someone why people mysteriously disappear into the notorious triangle, no one will be entirely sure. Many people say it’s because of aliens, others say it is a Kraken, and some say it’s because they either got lost or wandered straight into the middle of a storm. 

For each of these explanations, there is evidence that both supports and goes against them. But one thing is for sure: many, many mysterious incidents have occurred, and it seems nearly impossible for it to be simply human error. 

A notable incident was the events of “Flight 19”, which happened on December 5th, 1945. Flight 19 was a training flight consisting of 5 people. As they flew into the Bermuda Triangle, a pilot informed the Naval Air Station that all compasses had been broken. Shortly after, the radio cut out, and the crew mysteriously disappeared after losing all contact with everybody else.

After it became apparent to the Naval Air Station that the crew was lost and unable to contact anyone, a rescue mission was sent out. However, the planes from the rescue mission disappeared as well, just as mysteriously at the same location. They reported an extreme explosion in the area as well as the remnants of Flight 19 before they disappeared. 

Other happenings similar to Flight 19 have been reported as well, like the Douglas DC-3, a passenger flight with 32 people on board that also disappeared without a trace. Along with many old myths about the location, there are conspiracy theories, stories, investigations, and experiences reported. 

Since the theories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle are so different from each other, I decided to ask the people here at Brier Terrace about what they think. Some are quite popular and well-known opinions, and others you may have never heard before. 

“Krakens and monsters. It might just be a random area that people slandered because too many planes flew over there, crashing with each other, causing the myth that the area is evil.”

“Maybe the Earth is like a giant beach ball, and the Bermuda Triangle is where you inflate it.” 

“The ships could be going missing because of rogue waves.” 

“A no ending cycle of a wormhole.” 

“I think that there might be water spouts inside the Bermuda Triangle because I have seen videos of people in the Triangle, so it would make sense if water spouts were taking down boats and planes. But for the most part, it’s still a mystery.” 

“Really heavy currents.”

“I think there is extraterrestrial life there.” 

The funny thing is that there have been myths for centuries about the Bermuda Triangle, so it’s not just a new conspiracy theory that just randomly popped up on the internet. People may never truly know what’s in the triangle, or maybe they’ll find out someday. What do you think? What do you believe is in the Bermuda Triangle, if anything?


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