Favorite Foods


Art by Katie B.

Hello, today Gabby and I will be talking about and rating our favorite foods. My options, aka Emmalyn’s top picks, are rice, dragon fruit, spicy chicken teriyaki, salmon, and potato soup. Gabby’s options are tamales, salmon, mango, tacos, and lemon bars.

Gabby: I really like lemon bars. My mom makes homemade lemon bars and they’re really good. I don’t really have much else to say about them. 

Emmalyn: I really like rice because it’s easy to make. However, it can be a pain when I wash it because it takes forever. It’s a good side dish but I can also eat it as a main dish just with soy sauce. There is also another type of rice I love to eat called cilantro rice. It is as said: rice with cilantro in it. The cilantro adds a nice, more flavorful taste to just plain rice.

Gabby: One of my favorite foods is tacos. Tacos taste good. I enjoy the ones my grandma makes. She makes her tortillas with cinder blocks from the construction sight she works at. Tacos just have a tortilla with meat and other toppings like salsa, lettuce, and cilantro.

Emmalyn: My favorite fruit is dragon fruit. I love dragon fruit because of its texture. I mostly eat white dragon fruit, but I like pink dragon fruit more because it’s more flavorful than the white kind. Some people have problems with dragon fruit because of the texture and the seeds, but I love it. 

Gabby: I love tamales. Tamales are one of my favorites. A tamale is a food that is wrapped in a corn husk, and inside it, has masa with some type of filling like meat or beans or something similar. They take a long time to make, so people usually make a lot. I think meat-filled tamales are the most popular, but there are also sweet tamales that are super good!

Emmalyn: Another choice for me is spicy chicken teriyaki because it’s a good combination of rice and chicken. I like spicy chicken more than the normal chicken because it overall just tastes better. My younger brothers don’t really like the spicy kind because it’s too hot for them, but all in all, it tastes really good in my opinion. 

Gabby: I really like mango. I love its sweetness and texture, but it’s sad because it’s not in the grocery store all the time. 

Emmalyn: Salmon is in my top three because of what you can pair it with and because of the taste. I make salmon all the time with loads of seasonings on it to make it taste just right. My siblings love when I cook salmon and complain when my mom makes it, which is sad for her, but good for me. Some people don’t want as much seasoning, but that’s okay because I just like it with a stronger taste. 

Gabby: Salmon is also one of my favorites (Emmalyn makes really good smoked salmon). I like my salmon seasoned, but I’ve tried plain salmon and it’s okay. Salmon also tastes good combined with other foods like rice or potatoes, but it also tastes good plain.

Emmalyn: My last choice is potato soup, I love when my mom makes potato soup. It tastes absolutely delicious. I like when the broth is thick and creamy with potatoes in it (of course) with celery, carrots, and onions. I also like when my mom adds some herbs like cilantro and thyme to the mix. I haven’t had potato soup in a while, but I’m gonna ask my mom if we can make some when I go home.

Gabby: My favorites are tamales first, salmon second, tacos third, mangos fourth, and lemon bars fifth.

Emmalyn: Okay, so out of all 5 of my options I’d list them as follows: 1st place Rice, 2nd place Salmon, 3rd place would have to be a tie between spicy chicken teriyaki and potato soup, and 4th place is dragon fruit! That will be it for my favorite food ratings!