Bold opinions on the bus


We interviewed some different people about their opinions on the bus and their experiences including ours.

Sebastian’s experience: “Awful people were throwing rocks, threatening, kicking seats, throwing rocks. The bus driver ignored it and told people to sit down. The only time they pay attention is when someone stands up. Sebastian liked that the bus got him home quicker “

James experience: “The bus is interesting because last year it was a lot worse. I’ll say last year there were eight grades playing parodies of music but now the bus is very loud. It’s not as bad as it was last year; people don’t really throw things around; it’s just a normal bus ride.”

Alex’s experience: “I prefer not to ride but I have to. It’s annoying and everyone screams and I feel alone because my friends aren’t there. I’ve rode the bus since 7th grade, I didn’t always hate it because I used to have a friend on the bus.”

Emmalyn’s experience: “My experience on the bus is amazing, I have no idea why everyone hates it. I met an amazing person on the bus and now we are super close. I like the bus for other reasons too. I like just sitting there plus we get to school early, and there’s heaters in the bus and it warms me up when it’s cold. The only thing I dislike about the bus is having to wait for the bus and walking to my bus stop because it takes a bit.”

Gabby’s experience: “My experience on the bus is fine. I don’t dislike it. I sometimes sit and talk with my friends. The only bad thing is that sometimes it gets crowded and it’s hard to find a seat.”

People have different experiences with the bus. If you want you can let us know your experience/opinion on the bus in the comments.