School shootings: when is enough, enough?

Photo taken by Finn Kvamme

                                This may be a triggering topic to some people 

It is only February and there here have been more than 50 shootings this year. This article is to inform and share the warning signs.

On November 13th, 2022, there was a shooting at Seattle’s Ingraham High School. A 17 year old named Ebenezer Haile was in a fight and a student shot him. This is classified as a school shooting although there was one person killed. A mass shooting, those we often hear about, is where four or more people are killed.

One event that made more people aware of this violence was gun violance at Sandy Hook Elementary in in Connecticut. On December 14th, 2012, 26 people were killed by gun violence. After this horrible event, parents and community members startd, “The Sandy Hook Promise.” This is a nonprofit organization that educates people about violence with the goal to prevent it.

“Our mission is to educate and empower youth and adults to prevent violence in schools, homes, and communities.” – Sandy Hook Promise

Washington has pretty strict gun laws but some states don’t have the same level of laws for weapons. In some countries, like England, they banned guns except for hunting but in a country, such as Solomon Islands, they banned guns completely. 

In my opinion, they should make guns illegal and ban them so we won’t have so many problems with gun violence. However, it would be pretty hard for that to happen since the 2nd amendment of our U.S. Constitution says “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I understand why military would need weapons, but the Constitution was written hundreds of years ago so maybe they should change the rules for citizens owning guns because people don’t need a rifle in their home.

Some ways you can help is to protest gun violence and specific guns. March For Our Lives is an organization/movement against gun violence. On their site it says, “In 2022, Gen-Z voted at historic rates to protect our future. March For Our Lives held 450 marches worldwide, leading to 20+ state laws to curb gun violence, and the bipartisan Safer Communities Act, the first federal gun violence prevention legislation in 30 years.” A Parkland, Florida junior named Cameron Kasky started this movement after their own school had a mass shooting.

                                                          Warning signs

By knowing the signs you can help prevent violence

Suddenly withdrawing from friends, family and activities (including online or via social media)

Bullying, especially if targeted towards differences in race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Excessive irritability, lack of patience, or becoming angry quickly.

Experiencing chronic loneliness or social isolation.

Expressing persistent thoughts of harming themselves or someone else.

Making direct threats toward a place, another person, or themselves.

Bragging about access to firearms or other weapons.

Recruiting accomplices or audiences for an attack.

Directly expressing a threat as a plan.

If you ever experience this or hear someone say it you should tell an adult immediately. Some people who you can tell are Mr. R, Ms. Nakkour, or your counselor or your teachers.

(This isn’t a list of all of the warning signs and it doesn’t mean there is always a direct connection between the listed behaviors and gun violence)