A Mudslide of Music!

A short little article about the assembly many fridays ago!


The jazz band on half-way half-day – Taken by Ms. Morales

A link to the jazz band performance!


    After attending the assembly last Friday on Halfway Half-day, I had a lot of things on my mind, (like the cup stacking challenges and the yearbook sales announcement!) but the main thing was the beautiful sounds of the orchestra and band! With the sound of each bow stroke and the taps of the drums, I think the impression these students left on us increased as they played through their performances.

    The orchestra’s performance was nothing short of wonderful! I think the teacher, Ms. Schillen, did a really great job at overseeing so many students at once and being able to sync them together. This group of talented individuals delivered such rhythm, tune, and harmony that morning that honestly, it made me pretty proud of this school. To think that some of these students will go on to represent our school in district competitions is really inspiring. 

    The band was phenomenal! The whole group was truly the definition of “small but mighty”, their sounds filling the gym with power, confidence, and pride in their hard work. (I could hear from the very top row of the bleachers I was sitting on!) Ms. Zumbo, the band instructor looked so proud of her students, and I’m happy to see the students be proud of themselves too! Overall all the enthusiasm and atmosphere was a 10/10!

    Both parties received extremely loud standing ovations AS THEY SHOULD HAVE from a very hyped crowd of staff, 7th, and 8th graders. (I think many of them wanted to shout encore if they could) I hope many of these students work on furthering their talents in the field of music and continue to impress different audiences! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors~


Credits to Ms. Morales for taking the picture and video!