Gather Good Grades in 2nd Semester (+ Honor’s Society!)


Photo by BTM Photographer Cameron Cralle


January 31st was the start of the 2nd semester and a fresh start for the students of BTMS, as well as the whole Edmonds School District. This is good because students have another chance to raise their grades. How can students get good grades this semester? You can get good grades by turning in work on time and using your advisory time to finish your work. Make sure to focus on the class that has the lowest grade, and take good notes. Take advantage by working in advisory and asking the teacher questions. If you’re working on a paper assignment and don’t finish, make sure to put it in a folder to keep it safe so it doesn’t rip.



Since the new semester has started, now is one of the best times to up your grade game. Even though to some of us middle school grades don’t seem important just yet, our current grades will have a HUGE impact on the rest of our life. It’s not ONLY our grades either: your classwork, effort, participation, behavior, and attendance now will deeply affect your future.


First off, you should make a to-do list for all the assignments you need to complete, by priority.  This may seem unnecessary, but it will help you a lot. Ask your teachers to help you with prioritizing assignments if you do not know what is more important for you to complete. If you have everything submitted, check through your past assignments to see if you can update anything for a stronger grade. Now, you should start working on them, but many of us know it’s tough to focus (myself included). Find out the best way for you to focus. Make sure to settle down in a way that would be tough to get back up and distracted.


Reviewing and retakes are real boosters. If you have tests, projects, or quizzes, make sure you complete the assigned work related to the assessment, and if you aren’t confident, go through all vital material and any optional resources your teachers may have posted. Sometimes, teachers set up retakes and corrections for tests and quizzes, so you can redo your test or just the questions you got wrong, so take advantage of that option (Make sure you study before you retake it though).


One of the main parts of getting good grades is putting in the effort. Make sure you don’t have one-word answers and copy off your friends; completing work means doing it yourself, not copy-and-pasting. You won’t be able to copy and paste your friend’s salary when you fake your way into being a lawyer. Try to take time to genuinely show interest and learn things. Take extra time to go through the study material. Let your curiosity out, raise your hand during class,  search questions on google, and so on. Get books from the library, ask your teachers, read articles, and watch informational videos; Expand your knowledge as much as you can, if you actually care about your future and your interests.


The last, and most important thing I want to mention, is your mindset. You need to remind yourself why you need to work hard, visualize your future, and look at motivational things. Make sure to stay on top of your work and life and have a sense of discipline. Force yourself to do 2 more practice problems, raise your hand in class, and all of that fun stuff. Getting A’s three times and F’s the rest of the semester will not do you any good. Consistency is key, after all, and you need discipline to achieve that.




Later in the year, there will be an Honor’s Society assembly, where students will be recognized for their hard work and good grades. To be in Honor’s Society, you must have a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Mr. Tucker talked about it a bit at the assembly a couple of Fridays ago. Last year, students gathered in the lunchroom, and Mr. Morrison called out students’ names. Then they received a piece of paper with their name on it. At the recent assembly, Mr. Tucker mentioned that parents could come and watch. I interviewed a student who went last year, and this is what they had to say. “I thought it was nice going there, but it was embarrassing walking up and shaking Mr. Morrison’s hand.” If you have any questions, email Mr. Tucker at [email protected]