Land acknowledgements: what are they?


Hello Bulldogs!

As you may have noticed, almost every assembly we say something along the lines of “We would like to acknowledge the fact that we are on the traditional land of the Snohomish people(s).” You might be wondering why we do this? I would love to tell you! When the English people traveled to this land, they were not the first ones there. There were many other tribes who lived and flourished here.

Indigenous nations were forced out of their homes with the promise of reservations to live on. There, many fell into poverty. That’s not even the worst thing that has happened! They were forced to stop practicing their native traditions and weren’t even allowed to speak their own native languages! Children were forced to go to boarding schools that were far away from their families and many didn’t make it back out. This part of American history wasn’t even taught in schools for a very long time. Because of this, many people were left unaware of the situation. Now that things like this have been coming to light  within recent years, we have been acting on the fact to bring awareness to the tragedy. Now that you have more background on the stolen land we reside on, when you hear of this, make sure to think of the people who inhabited, and still inhabit, the land.