Do pajama pants qualify as P.E. clothes?

As a student at BTMS, I have to change for P.E. I consider it a pain to change out of my clothes to participate for 30 minutes and then change back into my school clothes. Although I don’t prefer to change, I admit it comes with a few benefits; for example, my school clothes don’t get sweaty from running around. As the second semester started, pajama pants were considered “inappropriate” for PE. I find this very inconvenient because I can move just as well in pajama pants as in sweatpants. I had students and a PE teacher share their opinions about pajama pants, and if they should be considered pe clothes. Here is what they said.

Student Opinion(s)

“I feel like kids shouldn’t wear pajama pants to school but they can wear whatever because of style, but I don’t like changing for PE in general because I like my personal space, but I think pajama pants should be allowed for PE.”              – Elizabeth Herrmann

“It’s not a professional sport it is middle school PE. NOTHING WILL CHANGE IF WE WEAR PAJAMA PANTS” -Rylee Chambers

“I feel like they’re still pants and they can go through as PE pants because they are not different from sweats.” – O’Nell Savoye

Teacher Opinion(s)

“Funnily, I used to take issue with people wearing pajama pants anywhere but home. But as the years have passed, I’ve mellowed out over the years :). Like, why do I care if people are wearing pajama pants? As activewear? I think if THEY can function in it and feel comfortable while being active…then more power to them! That being said, I don’t teach P.E., so my understanding is limited and I would be curious about what a P.E. teacher would think.” Mrs. Morales

“I do not think pajama pants should be allowed in PE. Pajama pants are for sleeping or perhaps lounging in your house. In PE, students should be wearing athletic wear. Students are physically active in PE and should be wearing appropriate clothing that allows for full participation.” – Ms. Gronvold

What do you think?

Should pajama pants be accepted as P.E. clothes?


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