Ranking Kpop girl groups

Brianna S., Writer

I have been into Kpop ever since late 2021, and getting into Kpop, I got into many girl groups. Today I will be ranking the top 10 girl groups I listen to the most.

1. Blackpink

Blackpink is actually the first group that got me into Kpop, and I can say that they are one of my many ult groups (favorite groups) out of all the girl groups I listen to. My current bias (favorite member) is Lisa, who is both a dancer and rapper in the group. My bias wrecker is Rosé, who is both a vocalist and dancer as well. My current favorite song from their Born Pink album is probably either Tally, Typa Girl, or Pink Venom. I like Blackpink since as I said before, they were the first group that got me into Kpop. Blackpink’s girl crush concept along with most of their songs being about love can also be pretty interesting.


After my friend showed my ITZY’s song Not Shy, I ended up stanning them. Later, ITZY became one of my many ult groups. My biases of ITZY are Yeji and Ryujin. Yeji is the leader of ITZY, as well as the dancer, vocalist, and rapper of the group. Ryujin is also a rapper, dancer, and vocalist in the group. The group all together consists of 5 members, Yeji, Lia, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna. I like ITZY because they’re all really great vocalists and dancers, I also like them because they’re concept is a royal concept which I think is really cool.

3. aespa

aespa was also a group my fiend showed me. The first song I heard from them was Next Level, which made me instantly stan them. My bias is Giselle, who is both a rapper and vocalist in the group. I have yet to be bias wrecked by any of the other 3 members in aespa. My current favorite song from aespa is Black Mamba, which is their debut song. aespas concept is an ai type of concept, or a different world type of concept but aespa isn’t actually a group of ai´s. Either way, aespas concept is cool and has a sort of lore to it.

4. Twice 

I started stanning Twice after hearing both Scientist and The Feels from their album, O+T=<3. My biases are Sana, a vocalist in the group, Jihyo, who is both the leader and a vocalist as well, and lastly, Mina, whos a dancer and vocalist. My bias wreckers of the group are Jeongyeon, another vocalist in the group and Dahyun, a rapper and vocalist in the group. My favorite song from them currently is Moonlight Sunrise and Set Me Free, which are songs from their latest album, Ready To Be. I like Twice because their music is really good and all their songs are really catchy.

5. Le Sserafim 

The first song I had heard from Le Sserafim was Fearless. After hearing the song I of course started to stan them. My first bias of the group I believe was either Eunchae or Chaewon, but either way I ended up getting bias wrecked by Yunjin. My current favorite song from Le Sserafim is Antifragile. I like Le Sserafim because their group name is an anagram of the phrase ¨Im Fearless¨ which was was a song they released.

6. (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE´s song ¨Oh My God¨ was the song that made me stan (G)I-DLE and currently, my favorite song from them is Nxde and also Tomboy as well. My bias is Miyeon, one of the vocalists in the group, and I don’t have a bias wrecker yet. I like (G)I-DLE because the group name means six different personalities coming together and I think that the meaning is pretty cool.

7. IVE

The first song I heard from IVE was Eleven, which is of course the same song that got me to stan them. Currently, my favorite song from IVE currently is Love Dive. My bias in IVE is currently Gaeul, a rapper and dancer in the group and Wonyoung, who is one of the vocalists in IVE. I like IVE because the meaning of their name, ¨I have¨ meaning what IVE has as they show to their fans that they have a complete girl group from the start.


O.O was the first song I heard from NMIXX and I really loved the song. My bias of the group is Lily, who is one of the vocalists in the group. Although I haven’t been completely bias wrecked by anyone in the group, I think my bias wrecker will probably be Kyujin, a rapper, vocalist, and dancer in the group. My current favorite song from them is Dice. I like NMIXX because their concept is different, its a mix like their group name says.

9. Dreamcatcher

Originally, the group name was MINX and the group had only 5 members but it changed to Dreamcatcher and two members were put into the group. The song that made me stan Dreamcatcher was Boca, from their album Dystopia : Lose Myself. My favorite song from them as of now is probably Why, Vision, or Maison if I had to choose. My current bias in the group is Dami, the rapper of the group. I also haven’t been bias wrecked. I like Dreamcatcher because their concept is a horror concept which I really like.

10. Fifty Fifty

Not too long ago I got into Fifty Fifty, the first song I heard from them being Higher from their album ¨The Fifty¨. Im not sure what my favorite song from them is but it might just be Cupid from their album ¨The Beginning: Cupid¨. Since im still pretty new to the group im not sure who my bias is just yet. Right now I like Fifty Fifty because the meaning of their groups name means ¨50 ideal and 50 reality¨, delivering a message that means there is 50% chance of reality and dream. All together, they hope to be a whole 100% with their fans.