Budget Cut Meeting

Finlay J-R, Art Department

On April 18th, 2023, at 4:30 PM a meeting is being held to propose up to 19 million in budget cuts to Edmonds Woodway, Lynnwood High School, Meadowdale High School, and Mountlake Terrace High School. The ESD board has already confirmed that it will close Woodway Center which houses pre-k and kindergarten classes. Many music and art programs may be cut from the aforementioned high schools if the budget is approved.


I’m sure that many of you are against these changes, but why are they being considered in the first place? Enrollment counts have never been higher; the same goes for the prices of running schools. The arts are important to our school communities and can provide a safe space for many students that might feel isolated in standard subjects. If approved, these budget cuts will go into effect next year, leading to current 8th graders having their interests taken away during the stressful transition into high school.


Students are welcome at board meetings and last year we had over 500 students make an appearance. Attendance is free; you can even sign up for a public testimony if you have something to say.


Routine school board meeting at 4:30 PM April 18th, Zoom: https://edmondsschools.zoom.us/j/87815104260.

Special board meeting at 6:30 PM April 18th, Livestream: https://edmondssd.new.swagit.com/views/266/

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A Change.org petition has been established and the four high schools are protesting with the slogan ‘Save the Music’ on many social media platforms.