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Bulldog Basics

All You Need To Know About The Bulldog Brief!
Bulldog Basics


You’ve probably heard about the Bulldog Brief somewhere at some point, but what is the Bulldog Brief? Well, the Bulldog Brief is a website made by the journalism class. The Bulldog Brief is where you can go to read the articles written by the journalism class, there are many different kinds of articles on the Bulldog Brief so we will go over some of the different kinds as well as a few non-article features on our website.



Opinion articles are about the someone (usually the authors) opinion on an event or topic. Opinion articles usually have facts in them to support their opinion but you shouldn’t use an opinion article to learn about something. The whole point of an opinion article is to convince you and tell you how to think about something, but it is important to take all perspectives into account when forming your own opinion on something. Opinion articles can be good for understanding how people with different opinions than you think, they can also help support your own opinion.


Entertainment And Interest

The entertainment and interest section on our website has lots of different things in it. In the entertainment and interest section you can find relevant news, informational articles on different topics, articles about fictional stories, etc. The articles in this section are about topics that interested the author and they might interest you too!


Community Celebrations And Concerns

The community celebrations and concerns section has articles about social issues and minority groups. In this section you can find articles about mental health, race and ethnicity, the LGBTQ+ community, gender identity, etc. If there are any topics along those lines that concern you or that you want to learn more about then this section is for you!



In the news section you will find articles about things that are happening at our school as well as local and world news. If you want to learn what is happening in our world right now, our news section will be great for you because they are written for and by people from our school.



The sports section has articles about our school sports teams. If you want to know if one of our sports teams won their most recent game, or hear what the players and coaches have to say, then our sports section is for you!


Non-Article Content

The journalism class will often have surveys we want you to fill out, we use these surveys to decide what content to write articles about and what we’re going to put in the video announcements. You can also find the weather on our website, so if you’re looking at our website you can also check the weather.



There are tons of interesting articles written by students on our site and we would appreciate it if you read them!! Have a great year, bulldogs!

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Evie Courtney, Editor/Writer
I'm Evie Courtney and I'm an editor for the Bulldog Brief! I joined journalism in the 2023-24 school year as an 8th grader...

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  • J

    James Erickson ¦ Oct 24, 2023 at 11:50 pm

    Hello! Former BTMS Journalism student here. Its glad to see the BB is still alive and that students are constantly putting out new material!

    • C

      Clara Bakkane ¦ Oct 25, 2023 at 11:27 am

      Wow cool to hear from you! I hope we do it justice.

    • L

      Liz H ¦ Nov 6, 2023 at 11:45 am

      MILITARY MAN!!!!1!!1111!!!!