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Bulldog Brief

Bulldog Brief

Katie B.

Katie B., Digital Artist

Meet Katie B.

Position: Digital Artist. I grew up in Edmonds and have been doing art since I was a child. I started digital art in 2020 and grew from there. I do/did some of the article's art attachments, the old logo, some of the posters around the school, and more!

Why I Joined Journalism

I joined Journalism in 7th grade in the year 2021-2022. I was the head of the art department and made the logo, the posters that went around the school, and most of the article's art attachments. I plan to do more of that this year, though I hope that some people will take over some of it. I rejoined Journalism because it was a fun and lively experience last year, and I hope to get a similar experience this time!

My Plan to Represent Our Communities

As an artist, I plan to represent our communities through, of course, art. I have some pride pieces I would like to showcase, as well as some BLM ideas I hope to create. I may work on videos or have my art showcased in them. I also plan to make some representational posters.


A Little Bit About the Artist

I have a sister and mother who are both digital artists; my mother being a graphic designer for a popular housing magazine! I really like the color orange and the indie kid style. I love daisies, sunflowers, and marigolds! My favorite piece of clothing is baggy ripped jeans. Also, I love huge round ears in cartoony art!

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Katie B.