Types of Love and Flower Language


Art credit: Katie B.

Many people use Valentine’s Day to symbolize romantic love. However, there are also other types of love that can be celebrated on Valentine’s Day, or any day, for that matter! There are three main types of love. These include romantic, platonic, and familial love. Let’s break ’em down!

Romantic: Romantic love is the love you feel for a significant other, romantic partner, or crush. Romantic love can be expressed through red roses since they mean “one and only love” or, “my one true love”.

Platonic: Platonic love is love that is felt for friends and chosen family. A chosen family is a family made up of people that are not legally related. These families usually consist of friendships with a family dynamic. Platonic love is represented by yellow roses, with the meaning “a true friendship bond”.

Familial: Familial love is the love felt for family, biological or adoptive. Families don’t have to be legitimate, as stated above. It’s okay to not feel any familial love, too! French hydrangeas represent familial love.

All types of love are valid, and it’s okay to celebrate them! Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends, family, or a romantic partner, every type of love is okay.

Here are some flower language descriptions and links!

[Red rose: passion, romance, love.] [Yellow rose: friendship, care.] [Blue rose: mystery, unrequited love.] [Purple rose: royalty, idolatry, respect.] [Pink rose: admiration, gratitude.] [White rose: purity, innocence, youth.] [Black rose: death, mourning, tragedy.]