All Marvel Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

All Marvel Villains Ranked From Worst To Best

All Marvel Villains Ranked From Worst To Best


Before reading this, major spoiler warning for all marvel movies, as we are going over the villains.


Marvel is known for its heroes and action, but not necessarily for all of its villains. In this article, we will begin ranking all of the main villains in marvel from best to worst. (This is, of course, our opinions and not fact.)


1. Kill Monger 

Kill Monger is number 1 for a few reasons. For one thing, his motives make perfect sense and were a perfect way to address the political issues that were going on at the time of the movie release. But also, the way he is portrayed by Michael B. Jordan is perfect for the role. Every moment with him is very entertaining. The way he acts perfectly portrays the motives of wanting equality, and being willing to kill to get it.


2. Loki

Loki is an amazing anti-hero, drawing in a huge fandom. He is a perfect villain for Thor. There is a good twist leading up to his reveal as villain, and a good betrayal goes a long way in these movies. The way Loki is portrayed as someone who has been lied to and betrayed makes for a good villain.


3. Mysterio

Mysterio is an amazing character, and is the perfect villain for his movie. The way he is like a secondary hero for the first bit of the movie, but is revealed to be the villain is well executed and his actor does a great job.


4. Ultron 

Ultron is essentially a robot whose goal is to restart humanity by destroying it. The concept sounds basic at first, but Ultron is a really cool villain. He comes to life and almost immediately decides the only way to fix the world was to destroy it and start over. His motives are very believable, and what he does makes sense. He also brings up how the Avengers may save the world, but many are still hurt or killed in the process.


5. Thanos

Thanos is the ultimate villain for the Avengers. It’s the biggest threat they have ever faced, and gets closer to victory than anyone before. He even succeeds, but the Avengers go back in time to stop him. He’s a very serious villain, and doesn’t have the lighthearted feel of Loki or Ultron.


6. Vulture

Vulture is a great villain overall, and is really fun to watch when he does anything. He has a clear motive that’s very believable, and his role plays into the story very well. The reveal that he is the dad of Peter’s crush at the end is also cool!


7. Hela

A disgraced daughter of Odin that has come back for revenge and to take control of the nine realms. She is a very powerful “warlord” basically and has an unlimited army of dead Asgardian soldiers. She also has the power to destroy anything basically. She is this high on the list because she is a very interesting character with many abilities. 


8. Red Skull

Red Skull is a good villain for Captain America, following the trend of being the opposite of the main character. Red Skull is who Captain America could have been if he wasn’t so moral. Red Skull is also a representation of all of the bad traits into a person dialed up to the max.


9. Helmut Zemo

Zemo is a really good character in general. He’s not some big, powerful alien or a god, he’s just a normal person who wants to see the Avengers gone. He makes them fight against each other rather than fighting them himself like other villains do.The only reason he’s not higher is because he’s not present for most of the movie.


10. Ego

Ego is a good villain because his motive is not to destroy the universe, it’s to fix the universe in his vision. He is committed to his beliefs and wanted his son Peter to help, but when Peter said no he still went ahead with his plans. 


11. Aldrich Killian

Aldrich Killian is a seemingly innocent business man, but is eventually revealed to have sinister intentions. He develops/steals a serum that gives people superhuman strengths and the ability to generate intense heat. He also uses a failed actor to create a fake terrorist and inspire fear. The reveal that the terrorist is an actor and not the real mastermind is really cool.


12. Ivan Vanko 

Ivan is in the middle for a couple of reasons, he is iconic for his role in Iron Man 2 because he almost defeats Iron Man. He is also a ruthless killing machine who wants revenge for his fathers death. So overall he fits in as twelve because he is iconic from Iron Man 2 but not iconic enough to make the top ten. 


13. Obadiah 

Obadiah is the interim CEO of Stark Industries (that means he is the CEO until Tony takes over) that went mad with power and tried to murder Tony Stark (Iron Man). He is ranked this high because he is a very interesting villain with a lot of lore behind him. 


14. Alexander Pierce

Alexander Pierce is a hydra agent who infiltrated the government/military organization Shield and got to a high rank. He uses this to turn all of Shield on Captain America and Fury (the director of Shield). He isn’t a very direct villain, but he takes down all of Shield. 


15. Dormammu 

Dormammu is a ruthless leader and the most powerful user of the dark arts. He almost defeated one of the most powerful magic users ever, Doctor Strange. But the reason why he falls so low on this list is because he is just not that likable of a character and does not get that much screen time. 


16. Ronnan 

Ronnan (the Accuser) is a very powerful employee of Thanos. He is the commander of a very powerful fleet of ships. He almost defeated the Guardians of the Galaxy. He falls a few spots from the end because he is not that relatable of a character and is only focused on killing. 


17. Ghost 

Ghost is a villain who has the power to go through walls and has the ability to become invisible. She falls this low on the list because she is interesting but she is not as exciting as villains like Ronnan, Loki or Killmonger.


18. The Kree

The Kree are a powerful race of people who are obsessed with technology and war. They are known for tricking the minds of their citizens into thinking that the Scroll people are evil and bad. The reason why they fall so low is because they are not super interesting and they are not too relatable. They also tricked you the whole movie into thinking that they are good. 


19. Darren Cross 

Darren is a millionaire who has aspired to be the leader of the Pym corporation. He learned how to make a new military suit but instead of using it in combat he just used it for his own selfish reasons. The reason why he falls so far on this list is because he’s kinda a boring government villain.  


20. Dreykov

Dreykov is the leader of the elite academy of the Black Widows, he created the red room and is the biggest gangster ever. He falls this low because he is just a completely horrible guy who has no redeeming qualities. He enslaves little girls to join his Black Widow war force and if they fail the training he terminates them.  


21. Dark Elves

The Dark Elves are an ancient race who want to take over the nine realms.The reason why they fell to the bottom is because first and foremost they are not super interesting characters and they also are one dimensional characters who don’t talk that much. So people can’t really connect that much with them.