Russia Invades Ukraine! (Daily Updates)

Russia is seeking to take over Ukraine

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On February 22, 2022, Russia launched a large scale invasion into Ukraine. This was met with resistance from Ukraine and most other countries in the world. The U.S. is staying out of the conflict militarily as it would likely start a very large war if they were to assist Ukraine. Although, the U.S. has sent troops to neighboring countries inside of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and has issues many sanctions.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has been on the front lines against the Russian invaders for three days now. He has been asked to evacuate from the country multiple times but has declined and said, “I need ammunition, not a ride.” 


This is a lone fighter jet nicknamed the Ghost of Kyiv. Kyiv is the capital city of Ukraine and is where all Russian forces are heading toward. The Ghost of Kyiv has been confirmed to be real by the Ukrainian President himself. The Ghost of Kyiv alone has shot down more than 10 Russian fighter jets, making him the best pilot in the Ukrainian Air Force. He was shot down, but made it out alive and has since been back in the air fighting the Russian offense.


Friday, June 3rd

Today marks the 100th day since the war has begun. Both sides have lost thousands of soldiers, and in Ukraine ~3800 civilians have died. The Ukraine has gained back ground in multiple cities, and are slowly crawling their way out of being taken over by Russia


Monday, March 7th

Russian troops have taken control of the largest nuclear reactor in Europe. Over 1 million Ukrainians have evacuated the country, and people are still escaping. Most of the refugees are going to Poland, and many people are trying to help those who have crossed the border. People have set up food kitchens and hold up cardboard signs to direct refugees. People are also giving up buses, cars, and RV’s to help transport refugees to Latvia. Russia controls two of the nuclear power plants of the four total that Ukraine has. Some of those power plants are still operating. About 50% of Ukraine’s energy is nuclear energy, and Russia is planning to control all of them, effectively controlling where energy goes and comes from in the entire country of Ukraine. Ukraine has put up a fierce resistance, but if it comes to Putin losing, he could result to using a small nuclear weapon to shock Ukraine into surrendering.

Tuesday, March 8th

People are trying to talk to Vladimir Putin to stop him from attacking Ukraine further. Leaders of Israel, France, and Germany have tried talking to him to at least get him to stop attacking civilians, but they have not had any luck. If Russia invades any NATO countries, the United States, and multiple other countries that are in NATO, will help defend all of NATO territory. Some people think that Putin has underestimated the scale of these sanctions, and that there will be a “coup” or mutiny in the Kremlin (Russian Headquarters). Russia says in a recent interview that they will only back off if Ukraine gives up its relations to NATO, and if they give Russia Crimea and parts of the Donbass region.


Wednesday, March 9th

The United states turned town a proposal to give Ukraine fighter jets, as that might trigger Russia into conflict with NATO nations. People say that if Russia is successful in its invasion of Ukraine, they will still be on the move, invading neighboring NATO allies. Russia has not spared any citizens, killing over 1500 estimated civilians in just two weeks.


Tuesday, March 22

10 million Ukrainians are currently on the move out of the Ukraine. The Russian forces have lost countless people, however strikes from Ships off the coast have made even more people flee Ukraine. Russia has ordered missile strikes on lots of residential structures, such as an art school, Maternity hospitals and theaters where civilians were taking shelter. Mariupol is completely surrounded by Russian forces, yet people are still escaping. They are leaving through things called green corridors, which are designated pathways out of the city meant for escaping during times of war.


Wednesday March 23

Joe Biden is traveling to Europe to have talks with European leaders. NATO is being put under even more pressure to support Ukraine without escalating the conflict. NATO is also pushing even more sanctions to the Russian economy to hinder them further.


Thursday, March 24

Another round of sanctions has been issued between NATO countries and Russia. It seems that Russian forces have lost ground on the capital of the Ukraine, Kyiv, where they have been stalled for weeks. It is too soon to count the Russians out of the war, the Ukraine has pushed and stalled them, but Russia has lots of rockets and missiles left in their arsenal. They are going after more civilian areas, which in turn, is causing NATO members, and other countries to label these as “War Crimes.”

Wednesday, March 30

The Ukrainian city of Mariupol has been left in complete ruins as only 100,000 people are left in the city. The Russian forces have said to back off from the capital city of Kyiv, however said nothing about leaving the city of Mariupol. People are leaving the city over a bridge in large groups of cars, young, old, everyone is leaving. People who are trying to leave the city have constant threats at every angle as they try to leave. From shells (Bombs) dropping at various parts of the city, to Russian snipers overlooking certain points of exit from the city.

Tuesday, May 3rd

Around 100 civilians were evacuated from a steel plant that was almost immediately shelled as they started leaving. They had been sheltered there for weeks, but Russian shelling had only started as the evacuation commenced. The 100 civilians did make it out unharmed, but it took days of agreements with Russia to allow them to leave untouched. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy met with some democratic lawmakers such as Nancy Pelosi, talking about weapons issues and the certain parts of Ukraine under siege as of right now.

Wednesday, June 1st

Russia has gone further west into Ukraine, slowly making its way further into the Ukraine. almost 60% of buildings that have been approached by Russia have now been completely destroyed. At least 5000 people have been killed as of now, over 200 children. Ukraine was not approved to get a weapon system from the USA that would reach Russian soil, as it could be seen as a war advance.

Info from podcast: “Up First” on Spotify.