Why You Should Read Harry Potter


Practically everyone knows what Harry Potter is, whether they read the books or watched the movies, heard their friends talking about it, or saw the series sitting on a shelf at the library. There has almost always been an immense craze for these books, ever since they came out 23 years ago. If you’re thinking about reading the series, this is perfect for you. Hopefully, I can convince you to read the Harry Potter books.

First of all, the world-building is great. There are certain spells they use frequently, so you get familiarized with them quickly and know what the spells can do. The way a lot of the things work is also systematic and something you remember, almost like you live there. But what catches you are the twists, the way things seem to fall apart as the story progresses. Sometimes, it’s easy to see something is wrong and other times, it isn’t, just like real life. The author, J.K. Rowling, repeatedly hints at future twists and scenes earlier on in the series and it’s all connected. When the part comes, you get either an “I knew it!” or “Wait, what!?” moment, that you need to read again for it to register in your mind.

Also, the way Rowling makes some moments and scenes tense while others are relaxed sets the mood well. Sometimes, she even mixes contrasting climates to create a relatable feeling, such as excitement and nervousness.

The love triangles, funny jokes, and betrayals are just more things that add to the list of reasons why this series is so good. And the doubt that characters have on one another is a great addition to the story, how you don’t know who is loyal to Harry and who isn’t. The series starts a bit boring and basic, as the world is still being developed and the background story is still being formed. But as the story moves on, the entire thing makes more sense and gets super exciting. People who love thrills will also enjoy these books, as they have sudden and surprising moments, as well as action and frightening scenes, along with some gore, but nothing too extreme.

Probably what gets many people into this series is how their world is so much like ours. The wizarding world lives secretly alongside the ‘muggle’ world, the normal humans. But even with so much chaos, the muggles don’t tend to notice much, and it gets covered up by the government and the wizards, which is very much like real life; you never know what could be covered up by people. Also, with the villains in the story, you just never know who could be behind that disguise, who you should trust, and who will be hiding behind a shelf at the Flourish and Blotts bookstore.

Overall, with the perfect blend of multiple genres, suspense around every corner, and the magical world every one dreams of living in, this series brings a new way of seeing life, that not everything is how it looks. I think it would be a great idea for you to read Harry Potter, and once you do, you won’t regret it.