The Final Smash Bros. Character: Sora!



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                                           The Final Smash Bros. Character: Sora Review

                                                                    By: Dewey Jones


Sora is a character from the Kingdom Hearts series and was recently added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and when I saw the reveal trailer, I was simultaneously cheering and crying when I realized that this was the final character. I understand that a lot of people believe there are better characters, but I think it is a tremendous relief to see that the final character is one of the most requested characters in multiple regions.


When I downloaded Sora, I was skeptical about whether or not I would enjoy playing him. But after playing quite a few rounds with him, I not only understood how to play him, I also enjoyed playing him!


I’ve heard a few people call Sora “overpowered” and while yes, it is hard to deal with him sometimes, if you know how his movement works, you can pretty easily tell where he’ll go. That being said, many of his moves can be used in several different ways.


His side special, Sonic Blade, is a damaging vertical dash leading into 2 other directable dashes. This is an excellent move for approaching your opponent, or simply finishing a combo with 3 solid hits. Also, if you go into the air you can use this move right after, making it an excellent and reliable option for using after falling horizontally and vertically.


His neutral special, Magic, is actually 3 different projectile attacks that cycle through every time you use them. Firaga is the first projectile and it’s a simple fire blast that goes forwards, it can be repeated by pressing the button multiple times. The next projectile, Thundaga, is 3 vertical lightning strikes, each one coming right after the other. This attack is extremely useful for edgeguarding your opponent, or simply launching them away from you and off-stage. The final Magic attack is Blizzaga, where Sora shoots a small flurry of ice attacks that have a high amount of damage. 


The moves I find myself using most often are his 4 auto-combos, his neutral attack, forward tilt, neutral aerial, and forward aerial attacks. They give him extremely good short range protection, and his aerials can fit anywhere in a combo.


Sora is an extremely light fighter, so while he is easy to launch, he’s also very easy to maneuver around most stages. Combining his maneuverability with his aerial auto-combos and projectiles makes him a threat to most heavy characters.


Overall, I feel Sora was a great addition to Smash. He’s a powerful character and a fan favorite. Some people might be hesitant about playing him, but give him a chance and I’ll bet you’ll have some good matches and some fun wins. Tell me some games I should review in the comments, thanks for reading!