A Class of Laughter

The classroom, the students, all was peaceful in an uneasy way. The windows were open but all you could see was a low hanging cloud, a fog. Students laughed and enjoyed their time in the classroom as normal, but there was an underlying tone to it all. The laughter felt so unsettling, so fake. It felt so unearthly cold yet no one noticed. A kid got up and walked into the fog, but not a soul realized. Deeper and deeper into the fog, still no one realized. A scream, an ear-piercing painful scream, and no one even blinked an eye. Laughter. They were all laughing… All of them. They knew something was wrong but they found it… Amusing? They were aware, they help everyone else. Just not them. Why can’t anyone be nice to them?

(what makes you feel like this sometimes? go ahead and write in the comments)