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Hello everyone! Sorry for not making a movie review since the Stone Age, but I’m back at it and today I’ll be reviewing the 2016 movie “Hunt for the Wilderpeople.” This movie is about a kid named Ricky who is a city boy. He gets sent over to a couple, Bella and Hector, for foster care, and Hector isn’t a city boy at all, so you’ll see how this works out later on.


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What I like about this movie is that its dumb, silly, fun, and sometimes serious, but it somehow manages to mix all these aspects together perfectly. After Bella dies, Ricky and Tupac, his dog, go out into the bush, aka the forest. But before they go out, they burn a shed with a paper plate dressed up to resemble Ricky inside of it. Realistically, Ricky gets lost and then gets found by Hector, only for Hector to break his foot because of Ricky.


Meanwhile, the clueless police start to hunt Hector in suspicion that he killed Ricky. Hector’s foot gets better and they start to move, they stumble across a house and barge in only for some hunters to come in. Ricky explains his days with Hector in a very wrong way and ends up getting Hector a bigger charge.


After Ricky and Hector threaten the people who came in, they had a chance to run and they took it. Later on you will see a sequence of events that show the police pursuing the investigation and Ricky getting better at surviving.


So far it seems like a coming-of-age movie, and I wouldn’t take this movie so seriously but they kept putting serious scenes in every once in a while. Afterwards, Ricky and Hector get separated once the police show up, and the next scenes show how much Ricky trusts Hector and loves him.


After an altercation with a wild boar, you see Zag (Hector’s dog) get mortally injured, and Hector gets stunned after his determined attempts to save his dog. Ricky steps in and delivers the final blow, showing how he’s come from someone with no experience to someone who can take the lead and help out. Hector puts down Zag, which creates a heartbreaking scene that I didn’t expect.


After the police corner Hector and Ricky they receive a gift (from the divine bushman), “Crumpy”; it’s a truck. Ricky puts the pedal to the metal on a large empty surface with the cops behind him, giving him the police chase he’s always dreamed of, and as expected, they crash and somehow Tupac gets out unharmed. What happens next is…drum roll please…you’ll have to watch the movie to find out. 😉


Welp, thanks for checking out my movie review, more coming soon AND watch the movie! It’s great! Keep an eye out for the Bushman. Comment some movie reviews you would like to see in the future as well. Buy!


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