Online Learning vs Classroom Learning


Online Learning vs Classroom Learning


A lot of students find the thought of going online difficult or frustrating while others don’t. This article will talk about the pros and cons of online learning vs in-person learning. I hope you enjoy it! 


Students have many different thoughts about this issue, but when it comes to students and teachers safety it’s better to be online. Having to go online can be difficult, mostly for teachers because it’s a lot harder to teach students while not being able to see if they are actually doing the work and asking questions when they need help with things. 


In my opinion it’s better to have in-person school. I have lots of reasons why but I’m just going to list a few of them. Some of my reasons are, it’s easier to understand the work, you get to see your friends, and you don’t lay in bed all day not understanding anything. 


Some students think it’s better to have an online course for students that want to be online. I think that’s a good idea because some students and/or teachers don’t feel safe being in-person because of COVID-19 or other things. 


From my online learning experience, I would not choose more online learning in the future because in a school, a classroom is a learning environment. Also, I feel like it’s easier to communicate with my classmates/groups for projects in in-person learning. I can also talk to and access teachers, counselors, and principals much easier. The environment at home is different from the workspace students have at school. A classroom provides a quiet, academic place to do work while a household can be loud and cause students to lose concentration or not work at all. Additionally, I find that simply reading the instructions for an assignment or lesson isn’t as engaging as when it’s explained by a teacher.   


Here is an interview with a journalism student about what they think of online school and their experience:                               


Interviewer: Should there be a remote option for students? 


Abbie: No, it would be better to just have an online course. What I mean by that is, it’s better to have everything online and stay at home if you want. By online course I mean you wouldn’t be in a Zoom call with your teacher, they would just record the lessons and put it online and then you would do the related lessons. Like how colleges have an online course that doesn’t require you to go to the college in person.  


Interviewer: Is school better online or in person?


Abbie: It’s better in person because students will do work easier and focus better in school, and they get to see their friends more.


Interviewer: Is it harder to be online or in person? 


Abbie: It depends but for me mostly online because online I would always feel tired and would not want to do my work.


Interviewer: Do grades change if you’re online or in person?


Abbie; They were a lot worse online because I felt like I was being forced to do my work. I think they change a lot when you’re online because it’s a lot harder to understand how to do the work and you don’t feel encouraged to do it.


Interviewer: Thank you, Abbie, for your time!


Abbie: Anytime! 


Which do you like better, Online or In-Person?


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