Super 8 Movie Review


                        Super 8 Review

     Super 8 is one of my favorite movies ever. I just love everything about this movie. Like Stranger Things, this movie follows a group of young teens figuring out a mystery. This movie has some very nice, heartfelt scenes that are mixed in with good comedy and intense scenes. The young teens are trying to make their own Super 8 movie. While doing so, they piece together a government mystery involving an alien monster.

     The movie portrays the government/military as an enemy, a generic theme for movies, but it doesn’t really detract from the movie at all. It has some other generic themes, as some Steven Spielberg movies will, but (again) it doesn’t detract from it at all in my opinion. It’s fun to watch, very well written, and beautifully shot. Also, the score of this movie (the music) is REALLY good. The music makes you feel really soft and emotional, but then there are some parts that have really intense music. The intense scenes are really fun to watch, and the visual effects are awesome. These scenes make the movie very memorable. But the emotional scenes are equally good if not better. That balance is a big reason as to why I love this movie. The younger cast is very talented and not only handles the emotional scenes very well, but also the comedy and action scenes. The movie has a cool sense of scale, but stays within the small town and the area close to it the whole time.

Super 8 is a good movie to enjoy with friends or family.

— Consuelo Carlson-DeBoo

     Again, easily one of my favorite movies. 89/100 on the Raisin Meter.

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