Suelo and Yoel’s Favorite Songs


Suelo: Hey everyone, Suelo here with another review. My favorite song is The Moonlight Sonata by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Cool name, right? I also enjoy some Eminem. One of my favorite songs is Enemy by Imagine Dragons and JID. I also love to listen to Enemy while I’m doing homework.

Yoel: And me…uhhh this time we’re reviewing our favorite songs or something, I don’t really know I was dragged into this but my top 3 favorite songs are, Lover Is A Day by Cuco, Potato Salad by Tyler The Creator (its explicit so uh don’t listen at a church or around your parents or around your parents at a church), and I’ll Never Smile Again by Frank Sinatra.

Lover Is A Day is more of a lengthy song? Around 7 minutes or so, anyways the song is a love song (obviously), and it’s not a fast rock death metal song, sorry to disappoint :(. It’s a slower song that is quite calming and that’s a reason I like it. Soooo listen to it if you want, yoel approves 

Now onto Potato Salad uhh what can I say Tyler the Creator and A$AP Rocky so, of course, it’s good, like I’ve said already lock your room and get under your sheets before you listen to this because it is quite explicit but it’s very good. Yoel approves (the only approval you need in your life… Joking be yourself or something)

ANDDDDD FINALYYYYY… I’ll Never Smile Again, the theme is a love song for a very very special woman I’d assume, or a very very special man. We don’t discriminate around here for the most part, but it was the 1940’s so I doubt it was a man ANYWAYS… The song has a slow pace that doesn’t really ever speed up, so you can slow dance to it with your also very very special wo/men. YOEL APPROVES 

Anyways, that concludes the article that Suelo did pretty much nothing in… go listen to the songs because they are very good and Yoel approved.

 Credit to the amazing Yoel Equivel-Santos for the equally amazing art 


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