Spring SBA Testing: Thoughts and Feelings

Are you taking the Spring SBA this year?


Annually, we take the SBA test. It’s something we all dread. SBA stands for Smarter Balanced Assessment. The SBA is a test you take usually around the end of the year. The test basically checks up on your learning process, and what you know. We asked BTMS students and staff their thoughts. 


How do students feel about the SBA’s?

Student 1: It’s worthless

Student 2: I feel like they are a waste of time and energy


Why exactly do we take the SBA’s?

Mr. Gay: The state requires this test to report how the students are doing, it informs the families, teachers, and students how were teaching and learning.

Ms. Hudson: Because it’s a state requirement.


Do the SBA’s effect students’ mental health?

Student 1: No

Student 2: Yes, it makes me stressed so that’s why I’m opting out.


Who are our scores for?

Mr. Gay: They are for everyone, the state, leadership, teachers, and for students and families to see their progress.

Ms. Hudson: The scores are to compare across the state to see how the teachers are doing at teaching students.


What would happen if students didn’t take SBA’s?

Student 1: Nothing

Student 2: I don’t think it would make a difference

Mr. Gay: There isn’t a direct impact for the student, it’s just they missed the opportunity to compare their grade level and how they are doing with other students around the state.

Ms. Hudson: Then we won’t know how student learning is going


SBA’s affect students, but how do they affect you, teachers, and staff?

Mr. Gay: It takes a lot of time out of our curriculum, like any prep work a teacher may need to add into the curricula, so being, it impacts curriculum, time, and days for extra practice and reviews.

Ms. Hudson: It’s frustrating when schedules change, but it’s also a tool that we can use.


What do students feel about taking standardized testing? Do you know what it’s for?

At this age and grade, we still can opt out of taking the test. We spend all school year learning a growing as people, the SBA test is just to see how much you learned this year. You don’t have to do perfectly. You’re not going to understand every single question. If you are someone who is taking the SBA this year, just do you’re best and don’t stress.

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Are you taking the Spring SBA this year?


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