P.E. Clothes Are Back: Yay or Nay?

PE uniforms have been a hassle for everyone at the start of the year. With every student at Brier Terrace feeling confused about where to change, when to change, where to get the clothes, and more, some people are questioning why we even need to have PE uniforms in the first place. 

From The Students

Students didn’t have to wear uniforms last year because of COVID-19. The bathrooms were closed off and they didn’t wear uniforms. Now that there are new rules on Covid, they have to change into more “suitable” clothing. There have been many opinions based on the new uniforms. Some people like them, and some people dislike them, and there can be different reasons to like or dislike the uniforms. We interviewed three people; one staff member and two students to get their different opinions and how they view the uniforms. 

Sanvi Vishnum, an 8th grader student here at Brier Terrace, shared her opinion on the uniforms with us. As somebody who didn’t wear them last year, but are wearing them this year, she shared, “PE uniforms are okay. I would rather have them because sometimes the clothes that people wear just aren’t right for doing some of the activities. was much easier to move around in P.E. clothes. ” She also said that it was quite hard to find the right clothes for cheap.  

We also interviewed another student, Alex Morrison. also an 8th grader. She had a slightly different view than Sanvi, stating that the PE uniforms are inconvenient and it is uncomfortable to change in front of other people. Alex agreed that it was challenging to find affordable uniform clothes and would have preferred that it was an option to just buy the clothes from the school. “My mom bought clothes that they first asked us to get, but then that wasn’t what we had to wear, so it wasted money and time.”

A New Point Of View

It’s much better to be able to change back into clean clothes after PE.

— Ms. Wertman


Many students have different ideas, so we also asked a staff member what they think. We thought it would be interesting to see what someone would think from an adult point of view, so we talked to one of the PE teachers, Ms. Wertman.

“It’s way better that we do have them. I used to work at a school that didn’t have PE uniforms, and it’s much better here.” We asked her to elaborate and she went on to say, “Sometimes people judge others for what they wear at school, and if everyone is wearing the same thing, no one can do that in PE. And also, sometimes when kids go outside, or even inside, they get dirty. They slip in mud or they’re just sweaty.”

We shared with Ms. Wertman that some students said that it was hard to find the right clothes for cheap. She told us that every year before this one, there had been clothes that the school had sold for a very low price to students, but that Mr. Morrison, the principal, had said no to continuing the selling of uniforms. 

Ms. Morales went on to inquire with Mr. Morrison about why they don’t sell the PE uniforms anymore. Mr. Morrison told her that the school was not a retail store, and sometimes the kids still couldn’t afford them. It was a lot more of a hassle to sell the clothes rather then to just have kids go and buy them from somewhere else.

After the interview, Ms. Wertman led us to a storage room where we saw tons of PE uniforms with the Brier Terrace logo on them, just waiting there, only being used as loaner clothes, because they could never sell them. 

P.E. storage closet with extra uniforms

After hearing people’s opinions, we gathered that it can be hard to find red shorts and it’s very specific. But now, the teachers are letting students wear anything that is sweatpants or shorts and a t-shirt, in any color.

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