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LeBron James vs Michael Jordan

Edited by Alex Stokes and Finlay Johnson-Ross
LeBron James vs Michael Jordan
Finlay Johnson-Ross

LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan; the age-old debate. It’s time for me to bring my opinion to light.

Let’s start with stats. LeBron is more efficient with shooting, especially at the three-point line. LeBron has four times the amount of three-pointers made!  Micheal Jordan is a shooting guard and should be good at them and LeBron is a power forward, so getting those threes is much more difficult. Regardless, he still has four times Micheal Jordan’s amount. LeBron is also much better at passing and rebounding than Jordan was in his career. Despite it being easier to get assists as a shooting guard, LeBron has 10,371 whereas only Michael Jordan had 5,633. Not to mention, LeBron has the most ever career points! Even in high school, LeBron averaged 21 points per game which got him into the NBA and enabled him to skip college for basketball.

LeBron’s physical features also put him at an advantage. LeBron is more muscular than Michael Jordan so he can drive through anyone. Not to mention he’s 6’9 and Michael Jordan is just 6’6. LeBron weighs around 250 pounds while Michael Jordan is only 216 so he can drive into the paint and easily score. In addition, LeBron’s wing span is 7 feet and Michael’s wing span is 6’11. LeBron also has longer legs and strides so he can get down the court faster than Michael Jordan.

Finally, LeBron has characteristics that help others around him improve and that inspire teammates and friends to be the best they can be.

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    Trafford Grothe ¦ Mar 12, 2024 at 8:52 am

    I think Michael deserves the popularity because if you don’t know he sucked at basketball in high school but got way better. but I don’t know about Lebron