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The Overlooked Positive Side of ChatGPT

Redi K.
Art originally made by; Rediet Kassa

Most people, especially teachers and parents, hate the idea of online math websites that encourage students to “cheat,” when in reality, they are helping the student. Many think bad things like cheating, fraud, and more. But, could these “cheating” websites and hack websites be useful for students struggling in school?

When you first think of ChatGPT or other websites like that, what do you think of? Cheating, right? Well, your assumption is wrong. According to, “Around three-quarters of teachers say that ChatGPT can help their students learn more and help them grow as teachers.”

If you think about it, websites like ChatGPT help and encourage students to have a more open mind to learn things. A student at Brier Terrace Middle School has had a personal experience with this that she’d like to share.

She states, “I missed a lot of crucial lessons in my math class. My teacher was absent the day I was there, so I had no option but to use ChatGPT. It helped me and guided me accurately. I understood the topic more than ever after that.” ChatGPT encouraged and helped boost her mental and academic learning. Instead of the student using the website for cheating on homework or using it to get answers, she took it to her advantage and used it as a substitute teacher who was always available.

Roughly 1/5 of teens who have heard of ChatGPT say they have used ChatGPT to help and guide them through their homework, instead of the stereotypical teenager being dishonest.

Not only can this online AI bot be helpful with academics, but it can also build strong connections and boost people’s egos and health. A user mentions, “After a good session of self-reflection, I concluded that following the instructions of ChatGPT made me stop worrying and helped me to focus on things that were worth my energy.”

This AI bot can change people’s perspectives of themselves. Roughly a third of people say it has been extremely or very useful. Using ChatGPT to help with your homework can help improve your mental health since about 70% of students have confirmed that homework is almost always a primary stressor. With ChatGPT’s help and your knowledge, you can get back on track in your classes and have an amiable friend who is always available to talk to.

Though most might be scared that this online bot might raise the risk of students cheating, if you look at this new piece of technology with an open mind, it’s not that bad! Give it a try, and you just might make a new friend!

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Redi K.
Redi K., Writer/Video Announcements Editor
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  • B

    Bela ¦ May 9, 2024 at 1:53 pm Bulldog Brief Pick

    instead of using ChatGPT we should just delete homework from existence

    • L

      Liz H ¦ May 9, 2024 at 9:03 pm

      truer words have never been said

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    Kiya ¦ Mar 6, 2024 at 10:56 am

    Great Article, Redi!