Sicily’s Book Corner Volume #2


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Sicily’s Book Corner 

Hi! Welcome to my second book review of the school year. I hope you enjoyed my last review and found something new and interesting to read. Also, if you have any book recommendations to give me, then feel free to. I can’t promise that I’ll do a review on it, but I’ll try. 


                                                          Time Tracers, The Stolen Summers                     

                                                                      Author: Annabeth Bondor

Amazon star reviews say that this book is 4.2 out of 5 stars. I think that’s a little high for this book, I would say it’s 3.5 stars. I think that this is a good book, just not a great book. I like the plot twist at the end, but it is one of the more generic ones. The concept is interesting. I’ve read some books about stealing time, but the concept for this book is pretty unique. It’s a fun, light-hearted, action packed book. This is also a medium-size book. It has 256 pages, so it’s a pretty good book if you want a short read. All in all, it’s not a bad book and I think you should check it out if you have time.


                                                              Steel Trapp, The Challenge, Book 1  

                                                                        Author: Ridley Pearson

Amazon star reviews say that this book is 4.4 out of 5. I think that’s a good rating for it because this book is a mystery/thriller book for ages 9-14, it’s hard to write a good book in this category without it being too dark. The author set the mystery up well and left clues here and there. I think the main character is cool because he’s smart and uses his head. He also has a good moral compass which is why he got involved in the mystery in the first place. At the end when they put the entire mystery together, you feel excited and happy because the characters are lovable and you wanted them to succeed in stopping the bad guys. 


                                                                           Into The Killing Seas

                                                                     Author: Michael P. Spradlin  

Amazon star reviews say that this book is 4.7 out of 5 stars. I think that this book completely deserves this rating, and it might even deserve 5 stars. This book deals with the main character and his little brother who live in a time of war, and they’re on their way home when the story starts. The main character and his little brother get stranded in the Pacific ocean and have to try to survive. As you can probably guess right now by my description, this is a darker realistic fiction book that includes dark and hard to talk about topics. If you’re sensitive about that stuff, then you probably shouldn’t read this book. Yet I really enjoyed this book because I think it’s extremely realistic and the author made it very enjoyable. The ending also leaves you in a state of utter confusion about whether or not some events of the book were real and makes you think about it. Even as I’m writing this, I’m still debating about the ending. I would say this is a very good book and you should definitely check it out.