Miami GP


Chris Graythen

Left-Leclerc Midle-Verstappenn Right-Sainz

 The Miami GP is a newly added track in the F1 sport. It is the first race in the US this year the other being in Texas known as the United States GP. Miami’s hot temperatures put high stress on the car’s engine making them at a high risk of overheating. It is also a street circuit which means it is not a built-in track and is torn up and down for the race. The street circuit provides many struggles the main being the fact that the track is narrow making crashes inevitable. 

Lap 1 – Charles Leclerc takes the first place spot with a good reaction from the start line. Lewis Hamilton, who started in sixth now in 7th place, gets hit from behind by Fernando Alonso on the back left wheel.

Lap 3 – Leclerc in first followed by Verstappen. Lewis Hamilton still in seventh with Mercedes following behind.

Lap 9 – Max Verstappen takes the inside of Charles Leclerc, passing him.

Lap 39 – Alonso gets a five-second penalty for contact with Pierre Gasly. 

Lap 41 –  Pierre Gasly hits Lando Norris causing Norris to spin out and his tire to fly off his car. This creates a virtual safety car.  

Lap 47 – The safety car is removed.

Lap 49 – Lewis Hamilton splits through and gets into 7th

Lap 52 – Pérez takes the inside on Carlos Sainz and he passes putting himself up into 3rd, but his brakes lock up and he slides to the side leaving a window for Sainz to take 3rd back.

Lap 57 – Max Verstappen wins first place, followed by Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz in third, and Pérez in fourth.