Staff Feature Ms. Hudson


Ms. Hudson is an 8th grade Social Studies and English teacher at BTMS. She was a paraeducator here before she went back to school to get her teaching degree. Learn a little more about Ms. Hudson!


How long have you been teaching or working in the school system?

11 years in the school system, two years teaching.


What made you want to be a teacher, administrator, counselor, para, nurse, or other staff?

I like being in the classroom with students – I learn a lot from them.


What has kept you going in education?

I like working with middle schoolers, and the adults in this building.


What is your favorite thing about teaching or working in the school system?

It is never dull.


What would be a job you’d like to do if you weren’t a staff member in education?

I’d go back to working as a paralegal.


How is the school system you teach or work in now similar or different from when you were a student?

Students sass-back more often, the teachers are far more understanding, and the lessons are much more interesting. Also, teachers don’t throw erasers at you for giving the wrong answer – that’s a plus.


If you are a teacher, is the subject you teach your favorite subject?



If you’re a teacher, did you enjoy the subject you teach right now when you were a kid?

Yes, history has always been my favorite subject – it’s like a story that never ends.


What do you like to do outside of school?

I hang out with my family and friends, read, cook weird stuff and watch horror movies..


Any fun facts or talents that students might think is fun, cool, or intersting?!

I attended 11 schools? I lived in a house that is 500 years old that was supposedly haunted by a man who died in a fight while it was a pub in the 1700’s? During the Cold War we were stationed at two bases that housed nuclear weapons? I met George Bush? (Most of my interesting facts are old, and far more interesting without context.)


I’d like to shout out….(and why)

I can’t pick one student – they all contribute to the class community in different ways.

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