Intro to the Bulldog Banter!

Into to the Bulldog Banter 

Last year there was a column called Talk with Teya, where a staff member, Teya Shook, would give advice to people at the school who needed it. This year, that will be my job! So welcome to the advice column, the Bulldog Banter! In this column, you can send in problems you need help with and they will be answered in the next article.

You may be wondering, “How do I submit my problems to the advice column?” My answer to that is to take the survey. I will provide the link to the survey here,, and the survey can also be found at the top of the Bulldog Banter page under the Columns tab. Also under the Bulldog Banter tab will be all of the Advice Columns articles! So, every time a new article comes out, you can check to see if your advice has been answered! 

This is a great way to interact with the community, reach out to a third-party opinion for your problems, and it will hopefully end up helping you solve those conflicts! These articles may come out every two weeks or every month, depending on how many submissions I get. So, if you want to see your question answered encourage more people to support the column! Just a reminder, you do not need to submit something serious to the survey! Just a simple question you have is okay to submit! Also, the survey at the top of the Bulldog Banter tab and the one listed here are just for the Advice Column. 


I am looking forward to starting this column and am excited to interact with all of the readers of the Bulldog Brief! Check out the Bulldog Banter advice column for any updates, and make sure to get in your submissions!