Rango Is A Strange Movie

Rango Movie Review


Rango Is A Strange Movie


Rango is one of the weirdest movies I know. The animation style, the voice acting, and the movie in general is strange. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad movie though. It’s very entertaining and very fun to watch. The movie follows a lizard (that takes on the name Rango) that has hopes of becoming an actor, and on the way gets involved with a western-style town that consists of other animals. The town has a big conflict over water, and a lot of the movie is spent finding/preserving the water.


One of things that makes this movie work is the tone of it in general. Every aspect of the movie contributes to the gritty, western feel of the movie, but still stays, for the most part at least, a kids movie. The personality that Johnny Depp gives the character is very strange, Rango is not a hero at the beginning but eventually becomes one. This is a very common theme in a lot of movies, but the way it’s done in Rango is very original. He strives for glory as an actor, but eventually finds it as the sheriff/leader of a town.


 The humor in this movie is also very well done, and of course strange. The way Rango pretends to be an experienced sheriff and stumbles his way to victory half the time is hilarious. Most of what he does is some sort of act or scam to maintain his reputation, and even his life in some situations. 


Overall this movie is fun for people of all ages, and although some won’t like it, I really think it’s a great movie. 88/100 on the raisin meter.