October Photo Prompt Stories


Hello guys! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of October already! Well, before the spooky season is over, I would like to share all of the responses we received from students who attend our school. Hopefully, you enjoy these stories featured below and are inspired to create your own.

“IT ESCAPED, IT ESCAPED!” Dr. Gonzales yelled while booking it down a long, dark hallway, behind him crawled a skeletal being, black as night, with antlers of a moose and an elongated face, the Wendigo crept hungrily, starving, towards the obese man, at last, Dr. Gonzales was cornered, and the Wendigo looked desperately on the fat man opened its enlarged mouth and ripped off his head leaving only the bloody bones left…

– Leo


Some students were inside of the school at midnight because there were rumors that some creepy things were happening in the school. So as they were walking through a hallway, they heard a sound and they all turned around and saw something that grabbed them all and took them into the darkness. The next day, everyone was looking in the whole school but they never found them, they said that on the night of Halloween at midnight if you go into that school, the same thing will happen to you if you walk down that exact same hallway.

– Maria


The hallways, long, dingy, only lit by the harsh glow of the fluorescent beams. That’s where I once walked. Now I only float, passing through the clutter. I should have been less vengeful and afraid, should have decided to move on. Then I wouldn’t be trapped in this hospital, abandoned for years. This is where I died, one hundred years ago, when the doctors performed the first surgery at this place. It failed. I chose to remain, to haunt them. Every last one, now dead. I no longer have purpose, and regret my choice. This is eternal loneliness. Then, finally, a small change in the monotonous routine, the endless days. A small blot of fur, dark-streaked with light. A cat, staring right at me. Like it can wholly see me. But that’s impossible. I have been invisible to everyone since I died. The rats and roaches pay no attention to me. But the cat comes and rubs up against me, then stalks off into the darkness. That shouldn’t be possible. But it happened. And the cat comes back, day after day, sitting with me while I stroke her long, dirty fur. She becomes my closest companion, my friend. I name her Hope. She is the first of it I’ve had in a long time. I also start noticing something strange about her giant, glowing eyes, that are different from the other creatures who pass through. I think they give her the ability to see, feel, and empathize with me. Hope is the only thing keeping me from despair now, and I don’t know what I’ll do once she’s gone. 

– Mabel and Cassie

(Read their full story here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/12aHQVJ-SZ-IT43YKl9MH24Z76RcBHwNvH6COne6cMsg/edit?usp=sharing)


The eerie quietness was getting to you. You weren’t sure how you even got there, now. The dark hallway that stood before you smelled of fear and deceit. Your innocent past self got sent out into this hallway, never to return to the place you’d formerly known as “school.” You wondered where all your friends went, and if they even cared at all. Maybe they never existed at all in the first place. Either way, all that presented itself to you was the same, dark hallway. The eerie quietness was getting to you. And the voices won’t stop.

– Rachel Ehart


Hey, new kid, you seen that one hallway? Yes, the one at the very back of the school, near Room 31? Don’t go there, EVER. Why? Well, I’m not too sure, nobody really is, it’s a fear of the unknown, I suppose. Nobody knows why that hallway was made or where it goes, maybe Kentucky? I don’t know, all I do know is that there aren’t any teachers teaching in the rooms, no students studenting, only a walkway, and a coupla’ doors. I wonder what’s in those doors. Oooh, I’m gettin’ chills from thinkin’ about it! Oh yeah, now that I remember it, I heard this one story from a friend who got it from his Mailman who went to this school. A boy named James. Went in there, never came back. Maybe you’ll find his skeleton in there, in Kentucky, maybe… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, no more Kentucky. Some say that a voice might call you if you stand near that hallway, saying “Follow me, follow me.”I think it’s a load of bollocks, but I’ve never tried it. I ain’t going there alone. Say, what if you went with me…?

– The Voice in Your Head


Wow, those were quite a few interesting stores stories, and it was cool to see the different ways people explore one picture to create their own scenario and story. I am really thankful you guys sent in your creative writing pieces, please be sure to keep an eye out for the next picture, taken by our photography team next month! Bye!

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