The First Ever Haunted House; Where did the Noble Idea Stem?

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We’re all familiar with the idea of a haunted house. They’re scary attractions for those who love horror and are looking for an activity to give them chills throughout the night with family and friends on Halloween. 

These houses have been around for as long as we can remember, but what was the first attraction, what made it all break lose? Well, today we’ll be researching exactly that, together!

Haunted houses are not a new idea, and as a matter of fact, haunted houses come from all the way back to the 1800’s Victorian era. There are multiple haunted attractions throughout the time period, but one of the oldest and most known haunted house started back in 1915 Liphook, England. 

The Orton and Spooner Ghost house is what it was called, built by Patrick Collins, It wasn’t the usual size of a haunted house you may be thinking in your head, it was more of a cute little cottage or house you’d see in your suburban neighborhood, but that didn’t draw anyone else’s attention away from it, the thought of going into a creepy, eerie house with no idea of what’s going on inside was both exciting and thrilling to people, exactly what people were looking for. 

Patrick grew up in a circus, he had practically lived around crazy contraptions like haunted houses, it all comes together when you think about why he had created such for millions to enjoy, although specifically it was for his wife, he was generous enough to share it with us.

And to this day the thought of a haunted house is something that strikes up fright and excitement, looking at today’s haunted houses there are some things that are different while the concept is the same. Go do some research and take a look at the graphics, the size, what do you notice is different? 

A cutting edge haunted house, ranked one of 2021’s scariest haunted houses on, how is it different from the haunted houses of old? Is it the technology, the size of the house? What catches your eye? Would it be the giant skull on your way in, the glowing lights or the people in costumes? Despite the difference between new haunted houses and old ones, what’s one thing you notice that they have in common? 

The people, all of these haunted houses are still around to this day and are up and running because of these peoples’ love for horror and all things frightening, not all haunted houses are the same, some may leave you screaming, and some won’t even get a reaction out of you, but every single haunted house has the same intent; to help you experience some sort of thrill and entertainment in the month of October for fun, and all are under the same category. “Haunted Houses.”