Bulldog Banter Volume #1

The first installment of the Bulldog Banter!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of the Bulldog Banter for the 2021-2022 School year! I am super excited to start this column and I appreciate all of the submissions to the form, and I am glad I’ll be able to help you out! 


I wanna make more friends but I feel awkward when I complement them, also I am not a good conversation starter (or finisher).

Find a common interest! Whenever I am looking for a new friend I start with things we might both be interested in. Maybe join a sport, a club, or another activity to find people who share the same interests as you. 


How do I tell a girl I like her? 

Find a way to slide it into casual conversation. Bringing it up out of the blue may be a little startling if they don’t know, and if you are already talking then it can be smooth. Also, if you get too nervous to do it in person, doing it over text is also a good option if you have their number.


How can you tell if someone genuinely likes you as a friend? I have my doubts. 

Look for subtle signs. How someone acts around you can really show how they feel about you. What they talk about, how they look at you, those sorts of things. But if you can’t tell, then just ask them if you feel comfortable enough to do so. 


How can you tell if you’re dumb?

You most likely aren’t, I’m just going to say that here. Most people are intelligent, and you’re probably very smart. But, if you really curious, there are a lot of online IQ tests that can test your intelligence. Keep in mind that most of them aren’t very accurate. 


How do I move on from a relationship? My bf recently dumped me and I don’t want to move on too fast, but I don’t want to let myself break mentally. He’s in a few of my classes too, so yea. Kind of stressful.

Take a lot of time for yourself and process things. A breakup can be really hard on a person, especially when you weren’t expecting it. Maybe treat yourself to the food you enjoy, or an experience you enjoy, or spend time with friends and family, if you’re up to it. Just make sure to not let go of your responsibilities as well. 


One of my friends and I used to be inseparable. I told him I had a crush on him because I thought he felt the same way. Now he never talks to me and acts like I don’t exist, it’s honestly crushing. I just don’t know what to do at this point.

For the first couple of days, just give him some time to adjust. It can be a big shock and judging from his reaction he didn’t take it too well. Try talking to him, over text or call. Possibly face the reality that your friendship will never be the same, but starting with trying to reach out is a start. 


I don’t know how to tie my shoes. 

Lookup a tutorial or something. There are a lot of examples on Youtube or Google. 


So, there are your questions, answered! I hope I was able to help some people and stay tuned for another article in the Bulldog Banter, which will soon be found under the Bark At Us tab! Don’t forget to submit any questions or problems you might have to the survey in the student survey coming out soon, or you could use this link: https://forms.gle/zwtXEfH3e6BKxrZf6 .