Top Ten Worst Teams In The NBA

Top Ten Worst Teams In The NBA

1. Oklahoma City Thunder

They have been blown out every game. They did beat the overrated Lakers which is quite impressive. Shai is the only light at the end of the tunnel for this team. He has averaged a solid 20 a game, 4.7 rebounds, and 4 assists. So far Lugentz Dort, who was ranked as their second-best player from the preseason, power rankings has only been averaging 9.3 points which is about a five-point drop down from his last year’s stellar, 14 points. 


2. Detroit Pistons 

They have not changed because the first pick in the draft Cade Cunningham has been sidelined due to a right ankle sprain. Jerami Grant has severely declined in points from 22.3 to 16.5. He is their key to success whilst Cade is out. The Pistons were impressive in their six-point loss to the Bulls. Even though they lost they were leading for 3 out of the four quarters. 


3. Magic

First of all, not a star in sight in the Orlando skies. Jonathan Isaac is out and let’s just say that their leading scorer is Cole Anthony averaging 15.3. What is happening to the once amazing Magic? They at least beat the Knicks which is why they are not ranked number 30. Cole Anthony made himself look like an elite point guard, he scored 29 and racked up 8 assists with 16 rebounds. There is light at the end of the tunnel but there is a long way to go for them to achieve the 8th spot in the playoffs. 


4. Pelicans

Where is Zion again, you ask? Well, he’s back in his true home, the injury room. Zion is out again and the Pelicans are showing it thoroughly this season. I’m just gonna say it, Brandon Ingram is not a star. He just can’t win, they should be at least at 50 percent right now. They got their one win, which was a decent win where Brandon Ingram learned how to do something more than scoring 25 points. He put up 27 points and 9 rebounds. 


5. Rockets

Jalen Green has been very impressive with 14.5 and 4 rebounds with 2.5 dimes. I’ve been proud of this team this year. Yes, they are 1 and 3, but they have 3 young stars on their team; Jalen Green, Christian Wood, and KPJ (Kevin Porter Junior). They slaughtered the Thunder but other than that, they have lost the rest of their games. 


6. Pacers 

They don’t have one superstar. Where is Kyrie, or Bam? They need some huge help at this trade deadline. They should not be 1 and 6 right now. Yes, they have not had the easiest schedule but they got beat by the Raptors by 18. What happened to this once 5th ranked team?


7. Spurs

The Spurs have a very talented young core, but they are not close to full potential yet. Doug Mccdermot has been admirable with the great defender slash passer with Dejounte Murray. I put them this low because the Spurs just don’t have the talent yet to make a far run. But overall, I have been pretty impressed with them so far. 


8. Clippers

They have no supporting cast. Paul George is on fire, but the rest of the team… Where is playoff Terrance Man, the man (no pun intended) who single-handedly demolished Rudy Gobert, the best defender in the NBA? Kennard is decent, but this team will not dominate without Kawhi.


9. Trailblazers 

I’m extremely disappointed in Dame Dolla. He is doing horrible. Last year he averaged 28.8 and could have easily been MVP if he was on a better team, but he is averaging 18.3. Then you got only one other scorer with CJ McCollum, who is actually doing all right this year with 24.3 points a game. I’m just gonna make a bold statement: the Blazers are not making the playoffs.


10. Lakers 

Yes, I know they are 4 and 3, but LeBron already got hurt for a few days. The players are getting old, so injuries constantly happen over 82 games. When LeBron was hurt, they lost to OKC. What are they doing? How do you lose to a team whose 3rd best scorer is Mike Muscala? (No disrespect to the Muse) I mean, they still had Anthony Davis and they lost. I think they will make the playoffs but they need to rethink their decisions and get younger talent.