The Vampire of Paris

The Vampire of Paris

The Vampire of Paris


Name: Nicolas Claux
Age: 49, born March 22, 1972
Date of arrest: November 15, 1994
Classification: Murderer and Cannibal
Place: Paris, France
Victims: 1+

Personal Information

Likes: Autopsy, Gothic graveyards, slasher movies, stench of open coffin, and other graphic things that we may not expose

Dislikes: Cars, team sports, technology, overpopulation, uneducated people, poseurs, uniforms, jerks



Why do you drink blood? “Blood is my life”

Do you consider yourself a vampire? “I prefer the word ‘Ghoul’”

What was your childhood like? “My mom said in the courtroom that I never cried or laughed. They thought at first that I was autistic. I don’t have brothers or sisters so I was a lonely child. I don’t remember much about my childhood. I don’t like kids. They are dumb and have no sense of humor.” 

Can you describe your relationship with your family before, and after the murders? “I think they hate me. I’m indifferent to them.”


Nicolas has also claimed to kill only one person, he usually eats bodies that are already dead. He would dig up graves or go to morgues. In custody, Claux confessed to one murder. A search of his apartment turned up unidentified skeletal remains, blood bags stolen from the hospital’s blood bank, and funeral jars filled with human ashes. Nico also joined the military at 20, he was a gunsmith. He was only a gunsmith for a year. Nicolas was only charged with one count of premeditated murder and six counts of grave robberies. During his trial, psychiatrists confirmed that he couldn’t be held entirely responsible for his crimes. In May 1997, the unrepentant necrophiliac cannibal was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 12 years of prison. After serving just seven years and four months of a 12-year sentence, Nicolas Claux was released from prison on March 22, 2002. After his release from prison, he has been doing paintings showing portraits of serial killers or crime scenes. He is currently residing in Dublin, Ireland.


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