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Hey, everyone! As we are getting into the 2nd quarter of school and many of us are trying to keep up or raise our grades, I have created three suggestions to help with that problem. Here are some tips that can hopefully help you have a better time doing homework or studying.

Finish Your Work As Soon As Possible

The sooner you get your work over with, the better you will feel. Try starting it after school on the day you get it, instead of procrastinating. (Which is really hard to do, as many of us know.) Don’t do it as soon as you come home, of course, take a break from everything and listen to some music, get a snack, read a book, or just watch some YouTube (It’s hard to stop once you start though, so be careful lol). Make sure you put in some effort with your schoolwork or else it will show. 

To-Do List

Write down all of your assignments and prioritize them based on when they are due and approximately how many days it will take for you to do. Then, work on them in that order. If you have a calendar or planner of some sort, you could list your assignments on there, with the due date as well. This is a very important step.

Eliminate Distractions

Yeah, I know, you say you try to, but you just can’t! There is always a text from a friend, your favorite artist uploading a teaser for their next comeback, or you want to go and finish that book which left you on a cliffhanger. Think of a certain time to finish your work, and try to complete it by then, so you don’t get tempted to waste your time. This is one thing on which you can go hard on yourself. It’s really tough not to get distracted, coming from a person that can never focus, but if you try, and think of other things you can reward yourself with after you finish, you will survive!


I hope that at least one of these ideas will help you and be sure to tell me some of your favorite tips in the comments. Thank you for reading my article, and remember to try your best to study and do homework! It will pay off.

Which tip do you plan on using this semester?

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