Ghostbusters: Afterlife Was As Good As The Original 


Dewey Jones drew this.

Dewey Jones , Guest Contributor

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Was As Good As The Original 


I went and saw the new Ghostbusters movie recently, I saw it a few days before the official release date. After the movie, I was so hyped on Ghostbusters that, if I had the choice, I would have gone and watched all of the Ghostbusters movies back-to-back.


I was really excited going into the movie because it looked like it was following the original two Ghostbusters and not the 2016 reboot, which was, in my and several other people I know’s opinions, very bad. The fact that Afterlife was following the grand-children of Egon Spengler, one of the original Ghostbusters, was an amazing way to make a sequel to the original two.


All of the acting in the movie was SPECTACULAR. Every time a character made a joke, the entire theater laughed. None of the characters sounded forced, and even some characters that you think would be annoying aren’t. One of the main characters, Phoebe, is a very intelligent introvert, and her mom is worried that she won’t fit in. Unlike most other characters of this type, Phoebe was genuinely funny. She makes several jokes in the movie that the whole theater laughed at.


The amount of references and fan service was immense, and every moment that they made some callback to the original films, I felt my heart pounding. 


The special effects, CGI, and sound effects were excellent. So many classic ghosts, characters, and objects showed up in the movie. And when they fired the proton pack, the sound sent a shiver up my spine. The demon dogs were animated perfectly, and at times they even seemed like they were in the original movies, which was a welcome addition.


The ghosts in the movie are all excellently designed. While only a few ghosts are actually shown, the ones that are are great. The demon dogs are threatening and fear-inducing, and the muncher ghost (blue slimer) is extremely funny to watch, and I have no clue why.


Overall, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is an incredible movie that I would recommend to anyone who has ever seen the original Ghostbusters. I would go see this movie over and over again if I could.