Early MVP Candidates for the NBA

Early MVP Candidates for the NBA

Early MVP Candidates for the NBA


  1. Wardell Stephen Curry 

He has led the Golden State Warriors too, so far, the best record in the NBA. He has been insane this year, averaging 28.1 a game off of 44.1% from the field while dishing out 6.7 assists and 6.7 rebounds a game. Not to mention half a block a game. Overall, he’s looking in super-prime Curry form. Oh yeah, he just got an easy 50 point game and beat the Nets by 18. (The Nets were the number one team ranked in the preseason.)


  1. Ja Morant

Yes, he is not as impressive as Curry because his record is just 6 and 7 but his stats do not lie, they are simply astounding, especially for a third-year player. He puts up 25.9, 6.4 boards, and 7.3 assists. He has been extremely impressive so far and it’s a good look for the so far middle of the pack Grizzlies. I predict that over the season he will not have the early-season scoring bug that a lot of players get. 


  1. Jimmy Butler

The Locker Room Terror, as he was once titled, is now on a top-five team in the league. He’s put up a very impressive number averaging 24.3 a game, dishing out five and a half assists a game and grabbing 5.8 rebounds a game. He also added 1.9 steals a game to his totals. The most impressive addition to his game is his overall field goal percentage, bumping it from 46% to 53%. Overall, he’s having the best year of his career so far. 


  1. Paul Geroge 

Taking a huge charge as the leader of the Kawhi Leonardless Clippers, Paul has improved every major category of his game. He had 20.4 points last year but this year he has 27. Another thing is that he improved by two rebounds and assists. He has also led the Clippers to 9 and 5 in a very competitive western conference. Not to mention he is averaging 2.2 steals a game.


  1. Kevin Durant 

So far Kevin is quite impressive with 28.6 a game and leading the Nets to be the second-best team in the east. Overall he’s not really different, he’s basically just being one of the best NBA players in the league like usual. So yeah, he’s just being the normal Slim Reaper.

(This article was made before the injuries occurred.)


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