History With Suelo: The Assassination of Bobby


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R. Kennedy . Persconferentie op Amerikaanse Ambassade *26 februari 1962

  History With Suelo: The Assassination of Bobby


Hey guys! So today I thought of a new article series to write. It’s going to be about people and moments in history. If you are a lover of history, then these articles might catch your eye. If you do not enjoy history, then I’d recommend not reading this. I don’t want to bore any of my readers. Okay, let’s get started.


For any of you who have heard of the President named John F. Kennedy, this is about his brother, Robert F. Kennedy, also known as RFK or Bobby Kennedy. RFK was an American lawyer and politician. In 1968, he announced his campaign to run for president. 


1968 was a controversial year. The Vietnam War was raging, and protesters were acting against the war. Robert Kennedy had made promises to America about stopping the war in Vietnam. He wanted to end discrimination. He made it very clear to America that he wanted to make America the best it could be.


Take this into perspective. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has just been killed, there is a war that is taking thousands of people’s lives, and 5 years ago, a President was killed. Then, out of the blue, John F. Kennedy’s brother runs for president. The American people were seeing sparks of hope.


But that hope never lasted. On June 5, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Robert Kennedy was celebrating a victory with thousands of his supporters. Kennedy had just won the votes from California, which was a huge jumpstart for him. During this celebration, 24 year old Sirhan Sirhan shot Kennedy at point blank range. Sirhan Sirhan also shot 6 other people at the celebration.


On June 6, 1968, Robert F. Kennedy was reported dead at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. The other 6 people who were shot all survived. Sirhan Sirhan has been in prison ever since, although there is talk about him being released. Sirhan Sirhan did not just kill Kennedy; he also killed hope for America during those times.


Thank you for reading. I know this article was a bit crazy, sorry about that! See you next time! 


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